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Hahaha….”strong message here”…brilliant from Corbyn.

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3 thoughts on “READING THE AUTOCUE…

  1. Corbyn is beginning to cause me great concern. I am now convinced there will a massive shortage of popcorn over the coming months.

  2. (strong message here) – ha ha ha ha

    It was all about the new politics, the unspun Corbyn, the straight talking, and he can’t even follow the telepronmpter instructions properly.

    Oh, and that string of Left Wing, sixth-form common room student gripes he read out today: it was a speech which Ed Miliband rejected four years ago.

    Herri – I’m greatly concerned with Corbyn too. He’s so bad that I’m concerned Labour will ditch him sooner rather than later.

  3. Pete- I can see the ‘straight talking’ banner above Corbyns head, and I am pretty sure judging by most of the faces in the crowd, there is a further banner just out of camera shot ..”Anyone caught laughing, will be removed from the conference and shot”

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