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At this time of Eurozone meltdown and talk of currency collapse, it is heart warming to see that the EU has its fingers on the big issues that confront us – namely that there are not enough women in the boardrooms of public companies and it is time to impose quotas to force business to conform to this liberal requirement;

“The European Union’s (SIC) justice commissioner, Viviane Reding, is expected to set aggressive quotas and timetables on Monday to increase the number of women on the boards of public companies.

Speaking to the left wing rag The Guardian (Naturally) before the announcement, Reding said that “it’s no secret that in countries where there are legal quotas [for representation on boards], the figures have grown substantially. In countries without obligatory quotas, progress is slow.” She added that “Generally, progress is very slow”, noting that at current rates it would take another 40 years for women to have equal representation on boards throughout Europe. “I think we’re slowly running out of patience everywhere in Europe,” she said. Reding warned companies last year that she would begin steps to introduce legislation this month if she found progress to be insufficient. She is due to publish the statistics from analyses of board membership, but indicated that she didn’t think that would be enough on its own.

Ms Reading’s arrogance is quite breath-taking. She has decided that she knows better than a company who it should have sitting on its Board. This blatant invasion into the private sector seems so natural for the EU, even as it burns down under a mountain of debt and economic decline. Quick – phonel Greece and tell it to up the ante on the numbers of women in the boardrooms in Athens – that should do the trick, right?

In my view, meritocracy is the only basis for getting onto the board of any company, public or private. Imposing marxist-type quotas is offensive to all and insulting to women since it suggests that they are incapable of making convincing arguments for themselves for getting onto the Board. I know many women who sit on boards and they have gotten there due to their diligence and skills. They don’t NEED these quotas imposed upon their employers. But imposition and diktat is the name of the EU game.

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One thought on “READING THE RUNES…

  1. Here’s a great opportunity for Ms. Fluke of the “I want government to pay for my safe sex” to climb the corporate ladder.

    She’s almost a qualified Solicitor (Thanks for the pun opportunity, Mr. Limbaugh) and certainly an accomplished Social agitator, ergo, she can get a boardroom position in any Socialist, European company, which has branch offices in the United States and they’ll gladly pay for her use of 1,000 condoms a year and maybe throw in a handsome male sexretary as well.

    1,000 per year?????!!!! Wow, she must be very popular in the dating circles.

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