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The verdict of history is that the Little Englanders were completely right about the common currency and the pro-Euro guilty completely wrong. A good time for the quislings to shut up, you might think. Not a bit of it. Tony Blair, demonstrating the front that comes only to a politician, believes that the time may yet still come for Britain to join the Euro.

These people speak only to confirm what mad, mediocre windbags they are. The battle is over, it was a rout. The question is whether there will be a Euro in future years. Interestingly, he states “I was always absolutely in favour of doing it politically and still am, by the way.” Reality, lives, liberty, national sovereignty and the iron laws of economics never do come into it for the power elite. So he wasn’t in favour of joining for any well-meaning (though misguided) reason, it was always the politics, the power to rule over the lives of others. Truly they are sociopaths.

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  1. I know only the basics of economics, but enough to know that the EU was bound to fail,
    unless run as a totalitarian state.
    That disparate economies cannot possibly mesh together or perform equally well under the same strictures.
    That the EU was designed BY politicians FOR politicians, and that as always, it will be the little people who will be expected to clear up the mess.
    Notice again please, how much wheeling and dealing has been done in corners without a whiff of democracy anywhere.
    Politicians in the main are self serving egomaniacs, convinced of their own intelligence and wisdom, impervious to reality.
    They feed off each other’s praise and relish the power their position brings them.
    These are what I would term members of a “post democratic” political elite: a modern version of the priesthoods of old, jealously guarding their rights and privileges.
    This whole edifice IS going to come tumbling down, and I fear we are going to be caught up in a cataclysmic economic meltdown.

  2. >I know only the basics of economics, but enough to know that the EU was bound to fail,….This whole edifice IS going to come tumbling down,<<

    How long do you think the EU, or even the Euro, will last, Agit8ed?

  3. The EU and the Euro are different. One has a future (in a much cut-down version), the other does not, except perhaps for Germany, France and Benelux.

    Let’s just hope that the inevitable defaults by Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy and the consequent Euro wind-down is orderly.

  4. The Euro can survive- but it will require much greater economic integration among the member countries. If there was a Euro-wide system of transfer payments on a scale we currently see within countries then it might work.

    Of course that does mean that spending decisions would have to be decided in Brussels with only limited discretion for member states.

  5. Ross

    You are putting the cart before the horse. The horse is a federal Europe and the cart is the Euro. The death of the Euro will hole the federalist project below the waterline, and three cheers to that. But the EU will survive, an EU with manners, which will be mainly a free trade area with common minimum standards for quality of goods. In other words, something like the EU that the UK and Ireland joined in 1972.

  6. Stockman nails it.

    Interesting what he says about the “Blackberry panic”. I remember Peter Schiff saying in 2007 that the financial stocks were toxic while others in the studio laughed at him.

  7. And here is a great free-market take on the absolute necessity for the US to develop renewable energy:

    “Even today, a truly massive investment in renewable energy could reinvigorate and reindustrialize the U.S. Our economy is well past quick fixes and tweaks—we’re in desperate need of new systems that can be built from the ground up. Such systems would generate new technology, millions of new jobs and the economic surge that would follow. Imagine a world in which electric cars—capable of going more then 200 miles between charges—are powered by electricity generated by solar and wind systems? Is it hard to imagine that combination igniting the Second Industrial Revolution? New technology powered by unlimited, clean energy. The possibilities are endless, but if we ever go in that direction it looks like we’ll do it kicking and screaming.”

  8. Noel,
    as Peter says the Euro can only survive between comparitive economies working together.
    To have a European superstate would require some degree of enforcement and a dictatorship/totalitarian government. It won’t happen voluntarily.
    How long will the Euro last?
    I don’t know, but given the closeness of banking systems across the world, the knock on effect of the Euro’s demise will be disastrous.

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