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Well, ducky, the one thing which cannot be said about you is that you were ‘‘painfully thin as anyone could wish, without quirks, without oddities, without the risk of the emergence of character’.


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7 thoughts on “Reflections?

  1. Trollio,
    She IS a trash bag. 🙂
    I so dislike this stuff.
    Kate comes from a middle class family who have worked hard, have their fair share of triumphs and tragedies and brought up a lovely girl who happened to go to the same university as the son of a dysfunctional couple who happened to be the Prince and Princess of Wales.
    Kate IS too thin, but it’s up to her. She’s a lovely girl who gives William a sense of grounding and worth.
    Both boys deserve our respect and support as they try to find their place in life.

  2. Allan once upon a time we were ALL commoners, but some of us were vicious and ambitious, and eventually became Royalty.

    I reckon this lady has been stealing from Kate’s plate.

  3. Oh, it’s just some celebrity bitching about someone else.
    I wouldn’t call KM “painfully thin”, neither would I call this woman “grossly fat” for that matter.
    Actually, it’s the phrase “without the risk of the emergence of character” which I find the meanest, most unnecessary part of her critique. Who actually knows the depth of character possessed by either this woman or by Kate? Only those closest to them, so why even say such a thing? And why is it “news” in any sense of the word?

  4. The Troll, on February 19th, 2013 at 7:00 PM Said:
    well Kate may be thin, but nobody’s been taking any food off of this lady’s plate.

    who would be brave enough to try?????

    she looks like darth vader with the mask off.

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