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I play this every year and for a reason. It’s a wonderful Christmas Carol that just uplifts my soul. We live in a troubled world and I know we all face our angels and our demons but this is truly celestial music. May I take this moment to sincerely wish you  a very Merry Christmas and I trust you have a cherished time in the next few days.

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9 thoughts on “REJOICE…

  1. Merry Christmas David

    may you and the rest of your clan have a say of joy and comfort together.

    Merry Christmas from all the Van Roy’s

    Monica, Abby, Sarah, and Paddy the Troll

  2. Merry Christmas.

    If people finally start taking Jesus at his word and following his message at least in spirit, and besides generosity and openness that requires a hell of a lot of courage, well then I’m going to start believing in miracles again and that maybe there is after all hope of salvation for mankind.

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