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Politicians really are scum. Three years ago Cameron hailed Gadaffi’s downfall and looked ahead to a brighter future –

Britain could not stand by as Qadhafi slaughtered his people. Nor could we allow a failed pariah state festering on Europe’s southern border, with the potential to threaten our own security […]

The task of the international community now is to support them as they build that future. That means helping to finish the job – ensuring security, helping to address the immediate humanitarian needs and supporting the Libyan people as they lead the longer-term process of reconstruction and political transition.

Today the Foreign Office gives its verdict, via the medium of travel advice –

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all travel to Libya due to the ongoing fighting and greater instability throughout the country. British nationals in Libya are strongly urged to leave immediately by commercial means.

“By commercial means”, because there’s no consular facility anywhere in the country. It’s that bad. We came, we saw, we intervened, unleashed Hell and forgot about it. We forgot about it because Libya’s too dangerous for Western reporters. It’s even too dangerous for the Libyan government, which occupies a ship in Tripoli harbour. Dry land is just too bloody and chaotic.

No wonder Cameron, Obama and the rest of the gang don’t talk about Libya any more.

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5 thoughts on “REMEMBER LIBYA?

  1. Gadaffi was very popular with Libyans. Here he is on an impromptu drive-through of Tripoli. Greatly received at 5.30 in a way that no criminal politician in the ‘democratic’ west would be:

  2. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    The self-immolation of Tunisian street trader Mohamed Bouazizi kicked off the whole Arab Spring thing, and the ensuing insurrection was widely applauded everywhere.
    Today it has the semblance of a parliamentary democracy, and tourism is once again a big earner.

    Can you blame the West for thinking that Libya, with half the population of Tunisia, could have a similar outcome?
    I for one thought so.

    Setting aside oil, and the fact that Gaddafi refused to step down (the Tunisian president did so immediately), the real difference is that Tunisia had, and still has, a secular society where all religions are tolerated, and the population at large has a strong Christian/European influence.

    No such luck with the Libyans. Their population has a very strong mix of chaotic Africans, and their love of violence & tribal allegiances; not withstanding radicalised Islam to add to the overall derangement.

    Here endeth the generalised history lesson.

  3. Part of the problem is that prior to WW2, Libya was two separate countries and was merged into one by the victorious allies. As is usual, the bigger part dominated the smaller part (exactly as in Iraq). With the fall of Gaddafi, the two parts are now fighting each other for control. Any politician who had looked at the history of this country (and others where such mergers took place) would have realised what would happen, but history is not on the syllabus of modern politicians who all favour PPE at university!

  4. You are damned because you did.

    You’d be damned if you didn’t.

    There are no happy endings in that part of the world.

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