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CaptureThe great and the good were all agreed that Something Must Be Done on Libya. Cameron, Obama, Sarkozy, H.Clinton, Hague; they knew that “we” couldn’t stand aside, so they didn’t, and Gaddafi was toppled. Two of the triumvirs were so pleased with themselves they even toured the scene of their triumph after Gadaffi was buggered, literally and metaphically, by NATO’s Libyan chums.

But what of Libya today? Professor Yehoudit Ronen, a Libya expert at Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv, recently said that: “The post-Gaddafi Libya is a chaotic and violent state without political stabilization, without internal security for its people, without security on its borders.”

Asked who controls Libya, she said: “I would say…the armed militia. They have the last word, and the ruling institutions are helpless.

On the economic state of Libya, she said Libya “desperately needs foreign capital…to recover and rehabilitate its ruined systems.”

Wow, great job you did there, “leaders of the free world”. Yet another country reduced to chaos and catastrophe. How’s about another photo-op in Tripoli or Benghazi? No?

Well then, on to Syria!


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9 thoughts on “REMEMBER LIBYA?

  1. no your to generous, Libya is the crowning jewel of Obama’s Foreign Policy. Your nation may be the one that benefits from their oil, but the sweet paradise that it is today is the product of one man Barrack Whosane Obama.. hmmm hmmm hmmm

  2. This was how Libya was. Do you think that Obama or Cameron could do this in their own countries?

    Btw, Tripoli looked superb.

  3. // they knew that “we” couldn’t stand aside//

    They knew of course that they had the option of standing aside or intervening. There was a civil war going on, and it was a choice of supporting the insurgency movement or effectively supporting Gadaffi – or of allowing long drawn-out bloodshed or ensuring the period of bloodshed would be brief.

    From the humanitarian point of view alone, they made the right decision. It remains to be seen whether their decision was also right in a political sense. It’s difficult to topple a dictatorship without a bit of chaos on the side. Sure even Ireland’s independence struggle was followed by a bloody civil war! I believe the western leaders who tipped the scale in the Libya war will in time be vindicated. Islamic radicalism has peaked, and even the Middle East / N Africa won’t be able to withstand the general trend towards open and free societies forever.

    BTW, if you dropped the polemics with that buggering thing, and “communism” over on the other thread, you’d be more convincing.

  4. Judith is in my opinion wrong. http://politics.biu.ac.il/en/node/689

    “On the economic state of Libya, she said Libya “desperately needs foreign capital…to recover and rehabilitate its ruined systems.”
    If you take a look around the Muslim countries of the Middle East you will see that almost all are ruled by strong (as in ruthless) state leadership. Either one man or a group of men. That is how these regimes are able to function.
    When an Islamic (ME) state loses that dictatorial leadership it doesn’t/can’t opt for democracy; it goes into bloody and vicious meltdown until another strongman arises and restores order. To invest capital and new infrastructure into that country will achieve nothing.

  5. Noel –

    Maybe, but why lie or hide from reality? (I doubt it applies to the NHS or healthcare, which no-one is interested in anyway really.)

    I’m happy to be shown otherwise, but I believe both comments about Gaddafi and the NHS are correct.

  6. Yet another country reduced to chaos and catastrophe.

    Another way to put it would be freer markets, no? You’re a hard man to please Pete.

  7. The more you see of our politicians in action,
    (sleeves rolled up, lovin’ little kids, lots of miles and relaxed photo opportunities, strictly casual:)
    the more you think
    “They really do have a low opinion of us!”

    The tragedy is that they never have to answer for their failures. They get voted out of office and write their memoirs….

  8. Our politics are but a step on the road to bigger and better things – why else do they cling to the EU’s coat-tails, if not for the fact they pay the best perks in town, for the least effort.

    Since WWII they have made sure they are well provided for in their retirement, but Major and Blair have taken it all to new and higher levels, – the UN being the seen as the ultimate trough.

    Elections – one term or two? – it makes little difference, – is being an MP just another internship, with being in the Cabinet the equivalent of being on tv’s ‘You’re Fired!’ – it certainly looks like it!

    There is no longer any consequence of failure, in the fields of healthcare, education, justice, law and order, public service, politics, foreign policy, etc. – the punishment is a ‘slap in the hand’, – the metaphorical slap of cold, hard cash!

    Having said all that, it would take one heck of a genius to manage and solve all of our problems in any sort of sensible and morally acceptable fashion! —- “Where are you?”…

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