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“Completely unprovoked, the youth punched Angus before beating him around the head with his crutches and then leaving him bleeding on the ground.”

“Despite identifying his attacker, who is known to the police, Angus and his family were told it was ‘not in the public interest’ to prosecute the 17-year-old.” If the animal had posted an offensive comment on Facebook or scribbled it on his t-shirt, he’d have really been in trouble then. I sincerely hope that the next person he attacks (and he will) is a Crown ‘Prosecution’ Service lawyer.
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    Oh please, stop with all this ‘Conspiracy theory nutjob’ stuff ..

    The ‘State’ tellS you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth .. ALL the time.

    ‘Conspiracy theorists’ eh .. who needs em?

  2. I read the link to the report in the Daily Mail. It is noteworthy that the father of the young man who was assaulted had now “lost faith in the system”. As far as I’m concerned, anybody who doesn’t already know what the system is like and takes the appropriate action EARLY has nobody to blame but themselves. It’s a pity it had to come to this for that father to realise what’s happening but if everybody has to suffer in this manner before the penny drops, then we’re finished anyway.

    In dealings with the stae, assume the worst and take early action. In this case, the parents should have engaged a solicitor to prepare a writ of mandamus


    – WRIT OF MANDAMUS, in English law, a high prerogative writ issuing from the High Court of Justice (named from the first word in the Latin form of the writ) containing a command in the name of the king, directed to inferior courts, corporations, or individuals, ordering them to do a specific act within the duty of their office, or which they are bound by statute to do, and performance whereof the applicant for the writ has a specific legal right to enforce. –

    If this is what it takes nowadays to have officials carry out their duties, then it’s what it takes.

  3. The good news is of course, that previously such a news item would only be confined to the local press, but now everyone across the UK can see the degree to which Justice is being debauched & corrupted from within.

    A ‘reckoning’ will come, one way or another.

  4. If it was up to you guys, no one would be prosecuted for anything, since there wouldn’t be any tax funded police to do that job.

    That said, this appears to be an atrocious misuse of police / prosecution discretion. Your civil and criminal justice system has gone of the rails in many ways.

  5. would not be any tax funded –police, prosecutors, or prisons —

    These things cost money, lads. Another yawning hole in the ” taxes are so horrible ” theory.

  6. This story was repeorted by the evil Daily Mail.

    How much cover did the so called quality papers give it?

  7. And that’s why the Daily Mail might be a far more valuable paper to the country than the so called quality papers.

    Unless someone thinks stories like this aren’t ( very ) important, sypmptomatic of a rot in the criminal justice system.

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