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Read this.

Eight-year-old tomboy Kathryn Eakin was cleaning the window of her parents’ gro

cery store on Claudy’s main street when the second bomb went off. A single piece of shrapnel entered her brain and killed her.

Her brother, Mark, still marvels at how unmarked her body was.

“She was gone and she didn’t even look injured.

She had one small cut on the side of her head,” he recalled.

I lost the only other member of my family, my sister. I lost, I would say, 50pc of my parents because their life was destroyed. We lost our house, our business.

I was left standing in what clothes I had on, the rest were blown to pieces.”

Speaking directly to the bombers who were still alive, he insisted it wasn’t too late for Claudy to get the justice it deserved.

“You have one last chance to stand up and be counted. I am asking them, if they have any guilt this is their final chance to clear themselves with God and make a path into heaven. Other than that, just be banished to hell and that is the way I feel about it,” he said. “Three 250lb car bombs going off in a village of 400 people. It’s half a pound of explosives each. That will do a lot of damage. I was sitting on the bonnet of one of those cars with my father when a man stepped forward and told us to run…” 

My heart bleeds for Mark, and for all those others that still suffer at the hands of Europe’s most vicious killing group, the IRA.

I say this.

No good can EVER come from a political dispensation which sees those who played their role in the atrocious IRA murder campaign installed in high office even as their victims relatives still hunger for justice. The Provo priest did not operate alone, He was part of an organisation that now helps govern our country. This degeneracy is hailed around the world as something of merit but anyone with an ounce of common decency will reflect on the short life of Kathryn, cut short by the IRA, and then ask why it is that the IRA was appeased, rewarded- whilst the crimes it committed still cry out from beyond the grave for justice? Good does not come from evil.

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66 thoughts on “REMEMBERING EVIL…

  1. Well said David.

    Our Deputy First Minister insults our intelligence by claiming:

    1. The IRA did not bomb Claudy.
    2. He knows nothing about it.
    3. It is all the fault of the RUC for not investigating the crime.

    Total bullshit.

  2. Sometime ago the names of those who participated in the bombing of Claudy were published on this blog….most of them are still around but not all are in this jurisdiction. Two have committed suicide….one of these, Kieran McCloskey was a son of the owner of the famous Dungiven Cafe, 'Dan's'. Wee Robert McLaughlin who owned the Corner Bar adjacent to the Post Office was a participant, having his family taken out of the home over his pub prior to the bombs going off after 10am. Wee Robert moved across the border to reside near Manorcunningham in Donegal and died about two years ago. Ex Shinner MLA Francie Brolly was up to his ears in this actrocity, as was his two cousins, Seamus and John Mullan. Seamus is still the voice of Gaelic football for the local BBC radio station, whilst John, who is married to the former Maureen Doherty from the village and who's Father's shop was wrecked in the bombings, skipped the country and now lives in Cork, although it is known that his family were residing in Portstewart recently.

    For a full list of the guilty….check the ATW archives.

  3. David

    What you are doing is known as shroud-waving. The simple fact of the matter is that if we listened to you there would never have been peace and another couple of thousand people would now be dead. The only problem with the peace process is that it started so late and all sides can take some of the blame for that.

    It should have happened before Claudy and before Bloody Sunday but people were slow to understand that there was no military solution. By still failing to get it you don't put yourself on the side of the victims as you would like to pretend but on the side of stupidity.

  4. Henry

    Should the perpetrators of the Claudy atrocity not be brought to book, however late in the day?

  5. Henry

    The IRA made the shrouds. The Belfast Telegraph covered this the other day. Why should I not cover it with my own view?

  6. Henry

    Yes it is true that a process that answers peoples real grievances in terms of equality of opportunity and fairness under the law and the delivery of proper political representation and power was necessary in Northern Ireland, it was not and is not justified to allow murdererers to be excused their crimes and released from their just punishments.

  7. Peter

    Should the perpetrators of the Claudy atrocity not be brought to book, however late in the day?

    If the police have evidence they should bring charges without question. They should have done it at the time instead of failing to even question the main subject. But I don't see given what we know that it would be possible to secure a conviction. I don't like saying that but the simple fact is that any bumpkin of a lawyer would use the recent report to have the case thrown out. The fact that the police failed to question their suspect would make any trial now a farce unless there was pristine forensic evidence which is highly unlikely after all this time.

    The unlawful killings on Bloody Sunday should result in charges too but again i don't see the possibility of a fair trial in that case either.

    We have ended up with a very unsatisfactory way of dealing with there issues. In both cases there was government cover-ups which needed to be exposed but it looks like one bit of justice per community and a lot of the reaction has been political. I have long been of the view that no attempt to reach the truth about historical cases in general will work. The British won't tell all they know and neither will anyone else.

    The other option is to draw a line and move on but everybody would have to agree to that.


    Why should I not cover it with my own view?

    You're perfectly entitled to cover anything you like. I don't have to like it.


    it was not and is not justified to allow murdererers to be excused their crimes and released from their just punishments.

    That was part of the deal as negotiated and voted on. Many people didn't like it and there was a lot of other stuff in the Agreement that people didn't like. But overall it was accepted as the best deal we could do. There is no point in picking at it now.

    Remember, the hard line failed. The dogma of not talking and the dogma of armed struggle are proven failures. those who oppose the agreement have nothing else to offer but more of what we know has failed.

    Maybe the Agreement will fail too but let's give peace at least the 30 years we gave war before deciding.

  8. Henry

    It was not the best deal that could be done. It was the only one presented to the people by the politicians. If a proposal that included everything else in the GFA bar the mass immediate release of convicted criminals had been presented to the electorate, they would have voted yes to that too.

  9. Colm, peace couldn't have been achieved without bringing along those involved in the conflict. If the IRA and other parties to the conflict weren't prepared to move forward without prisoner release then what is the alternative?

  10. Appeasement, and I morally state….


    For people to VOTE for these perpetrators is SICK.

    Now, can I have mgmrty's legal team to go to court, I will be very, VERY Happy to go to court.

    Lets have it, and a 'field day in court'.I CHALLENGE MARTIN MCGUINNESS TO TAKE ME TO COURT.

    I am waiting.

  11. Colm

    The people who negotiated the deal were directly elected by the people for just that purpose. The elections of May 30, 1996, were for delegates to the talks. It is rare that people get to choose who they want to represent them at a specific negotiation.

    They elected the negotiators and they voted on the outcome. You can believe what you like after that but you have to accept the democratic outcome. And it has worked. We can't constantly harp back to a decision that has been made and endorsed at every subsequent election with increasingly overwhelming majorities. Even if you honestly believe it was wrong to release the prisoners you surely don't think they should all be rounded up again in 2010! So why not accept it an move on.

    I was hoping there wouldn't be a Northern Irish Assembly in the deal. I would have been much happier with the two governments calling the shots. But unionists wanted one and there would have been no deal without it so I accepted it.

    But I'm not going to drive myself mad wishing it wasn't there.

  12. I say again, Machine gun marty…..

    Take me to court.

    I accuse you of directing terrorism.

    I stand in front, and waiting.

    LETS GO.\\( PS and you rw ee liars, seamy, pinky,paul phil free, etc…..lets have it….)

  13. Henry

    No I don't wish for the terrorists to be rounded up and thrown back in jail. I am realistic and neither do I harp back to the status quo anti. I do accept that overall the situation today is better than before and I do not object to Sinn Fein being in government. I do not though and never will accept that it was the right thing to do to release murderers early from prison en masse. The government should have stood firm on that principle alone. All those convicted of murder for any reason would be excluded from any political considerations. It makes a mockery of the principles of justice that duly convicted criminal murderers can at a stroke of a pen be considered 'political combatants' and the proper penalties for their cold blooded taking of other peoples lives be set aside , and just because a majority may have been willing to approve that does not make it right.

  14. One of the most hateful ideas that got a fair amount of attention as the Troubles came to an end was the idea that members of Republican and Loyalist groups only did what they did for political reasons. Had they been born in another time and place, they would never had got caught up in the nasty business of political violence.

    I also seem to remember the hunger strikers had a similar argument.

    What a load of nonsense! Evidently the good Catholics and Protestants of these various organisations had forgotten the church-going of their youth and the Scripture that says "The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately corrupt, who can understand it?".

    On a more positive note, had the injustice of early prisoner release not happened, and all possible outstanding crimes been brought to trial and sentences given out, then the GFA might have been a really good idea. I can just about live with the IRA cementing their weapons into a bunker, although a 'Sorry' would have had been a lot better.

    The be fair to the Combined Loyalist Military Command, they did at least express true and abject remorse for all their blood-letting, which is more than the Republican movement has ever done.

    Nevertheless, I am in an even-handed mood and I think that Sinn Fein/IRA did truly have a change of direction/heart with the GFA. These avowed enemies of the British State now participate in it politically. Who could have imagined that 25 years ago when things were really bad?

    Dave Vance does talk a lot of sense, but I feel that the DUP didn't sell out when it entered power-sharing. Rather it pragmatically used a situation (post GFA) to get things moving to their own advantage. After all, they were not responsible for prisoner releases, disbanding the RUC etc. but instead capitalised on the fact that the deals had been done, it was nothing to do with them, and it was time to get devolution moving. Yes, it was risky, I'm still not 100% certain, but I do welcome the relative peace the Province now enjoys.

    A public act of contrition from Sinn Fein condemning the IRA campaign would be very welcome indeed and, I believe, get a lot of uncertain Protestants behind power-sharing.

  15. OK,

    I challenge marty mcguinness and adams to court, I accuse them of directing terrorism, ( same as mad dog adair

    I await.

  16. Henry,
    I have been mocked for callin for machine gun marty….

    I would LOVE to go to court…..BRING IT ON!

  17. Colm

    It makes a mockery of the principles of justice that duly convicted criminal murderers can at a stroke of a pen be considered 'political combatants' and the proper penalties for their cold blooded taking of other peoples lives be set aside , and just because a majority may have been willing to approve that does not make it right.

    Does it make a mockery of the principles of justice that people could be tried on a basis tat wouldn't be acceptable in any democracy, where the rules of evidence were twisted to suit the crown, where there were unionist judges and no juries. Everything about those prisoners was political. The problem that caused them to be in prison was the political failure of the Orange state and the subsequent failure of the British State to deal with that failure other than to try to crush the resistance.

    But we can differ about all that. At least you accept that we can move on from here. Because we can see what the alternative is and it's pathetic.

  18. LU

    I have been mocked for callin for machine gun marty….

    I would LOVE to go to court…..BRING IT ON!

    Why are you addressing that to me? I wasn't involved in that discussion and I have never met the Deputy First Minister. So I'm in no position to pass on your message even if I could understand it.

  19. no worries,

    It was just because some people latch on….

    I am ready.

    All the best.

  20. Where are you pinky,sean, paul, seamus, and the est?

    Lets go to court,

    I accuse MARTIN McGUINNESS of directing murder, and terrorism on a scale , ' BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT"

    I await…….

    Let's go to justice…?

  21. Henry

    They weren't released because of concerns over the validity of their convictions. In most cases they did not even deny the activities they had engaged in. The problem that caused them to be in prison was their own freely chosen decisions to participate in the planning and executions of murderous activities. Yes, Northern Ireland was a failed state and I can even understand the violent turmoil of the early 1969+ years, but the cold calculated terrorist 'long war' that the IRA engaged in regardless of majority opinion throughout the Seventies Eighties and much of the nineties was unforgiveable and entirely unjustifiable.

  22. Henry,

    no worries, but you have been quite loose with your morals

    I have now had enough, (for seperate reasons), so I challenge Machine gun marty, scum bag mcguinness to take me to court.

    I accuse him of directing terrorism.

    I await……………

  23. I appreciate the difficulties here, and the injustice. It's not right that murderers should be freed early as part of a political deal (and even worse that some of them should sit in office). But how can justice be done, without unravelling what has been achieved, and possibly returning to the violent days of the past? There is no easy answer to this.

  24. LU

    So let's get this straight. You were asked to provide evidence and you didn't have it so now you are calling on the DFM to take you to court in order to spare your blushes because you lost an argument on the internet.

    You seem to have suffered badly from the rigours of debate on this site. My advice for what it's worth would be not to take it personally. It's only the internet.

    As a very un-PC friend of mine said recently. Fighting on the internet is like the Special Olympics. Even if you win you're still retarded.

  25. Henry….

    please be more succinct.

    I have provided evidence, didnt you see it?

    I have pointed to a witness, who, ( according to the catholic poor oppressed ) counts….lol


    Then it contradicts that machine marty,,,,,To illustrate the sort of man he is I have been told of an incident involving a
    soldier who was caught in the Creggan pretending to be a naval seaman while
    walking out with daughter On one of his visits to his
    girlfriend he was picked up by the Stickies and Martm McGTJININESS got to
    hear of this He went to find them There was a blazing row about what
    should be done to the soldier and the unedifymg sight of Martin
    McGUINNESS brawling with members of the Officials in an attempt to
    influence the outcome In the end in order to protect his daughter's reputation,
    agreed that the soldier should be released and he was. But it
    gives an insight into the sort of character that McGIJINNESS is He would
    have had the soldier shot, I also know that he sanctioned the murder of the
    census collector.

    so Henry, I am ready, when you are ….

    BRING IT ON, BRING MARTY TO COURT, TELL i AM WRONG, ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….LETS GO TO COURT.

  26. you guys are obessed with booze…I am about to go out to dinner!

    Is that the best you can you can defend your impossible position?

  27. Colm,

    You need to understand that, in the eyes of the IRA volunteers at the time, their actions were not only justifiable, but also necessary, to achieve the stated aims of the organisation.

    This is what I meant in the 'LEARNING FROM THE PAST' thread – They were told so many lies, set against their neighbours, fed so much patriotic fuel, that they, as proud Irishmen, felt they had no choice BUT to do what they did. The rightness or wrongness, as imposed by, as they saw it, English law, meant little or nothing to them.

    Couple this with the fervent belief by Unionists/Loyalists that Catholics were stealing their jobs, killing their loved ones and weakening the link with the 'Mainland,' and you had two sides, kept down by the ruling classes, trying to rise up – one with the 'apparent' support of the State, the other without. Guess what? Neither had the support of the State. We were all pawns.

    Wait. Scratch that. We were all pieces on a chess board. The State was the king/queen. The bishops the 2 main churches. The knights the State army/security forces. The Rooks the political parties. And who were we? And by 'we', I mean the ordinary working classes – the ones who go out and actually do all the things that are necessary for all the other pieces to continue in their comfortable lives. – We were the pawns:- important for a number of reasons:

    We are a natural buffer zone, protecting the elite from the other, 'nasty' pawns;
    We can only make small moves, take small steps, and are easily defeated;
    On our own, we are almost powerless, and can be eliminated at will – and we know it


    When we pull together, we can defeat entire armies
    When we co-operate, we can take surprisingly large steps
    When we unite, we can become Rulers.

    None of the other Chess pieces can do this.

    Is it any wonder they set us against each other?

    We could be kings of our own kingdom, but we're all so stupid, too sheep-like, to see it.

  28. So,

    I think we all agree,,,,,,to support the perpetrators of this is SICK, SICK, SICK

    Semi. have a look at yourself….

  29. Henry, take your pick,,,,,would LOVE to have machine gun marty in court.

    It wont happen, but I wont expose his murdering scum.

    Any of us would CLEAN him.

  30. LU – I told you in a previous thread – I won't engage with you any more, because you are a rude, ill-informed troll.

    Plus, tonight, it is fairly obvious that you have had a bit(!) too much to drink. Have a bit of dignity and go to bed. Your only embarrassing yourself now.

  31. 'Any of us would CLEAN him.'

    Sunday, August 29, 2010 at 01:05AM | Registered CommenterLogical Unionist

    What do you mean by 'CLEAN?'

  32. We need to go further than simply saying that such-and-such is "sick, sick, sick", LU (correct though you may be).

    Sometimes, when I have a personal problem to get through, one of my initial reactions is to bemoan my situation and to say to myself "If only this thing hadn't happened", or "if only I didn't have to start from this particular situation, I could work this thing out". Alas, it never works. In solving life's many problems, you have to proceed from exactly where you ARE, not from where you would like to be.
    So, I think it's futile to argue about the rights and wrongs of past decisions which have led NI into the position it is in right now. Just take the situation as it IS, not what you'd like it to be, and work forward from that point.
    I would say that for NI to have a peaceful future, a degree of compromise is going to be inevitable on all sides. A degree of mutual forgiveness is also called for. There were many wrongs perpetrated by ALL sides. You cannot go on holding eternal grudges against "themmuns". We're all human beings, with our proudly held identities, which are bound up in our religious denominations. I am a Catholic, for example, yet I have read up about and tried my best to explore the tenets of Protestantism, and you know what, I have learned that there is a lot of really good stuff in Protestantism. My own faith has been enriched by what I have learned there. They are my brothers, not my enemies.

  33. I wasn´t going to engage in LU´s trollery on this thread but as, ( I assume), he´s referring to me as Paul I´ll indulge him for a wee while and bite.

    LU, it may be a knock to your sense of self importance but I´d imagine that Martin McGuinness doesn´t read ATW.

    If you want to challange McG to a legal battle I would suggest that you contact him directly through his MP office or engage a solicitor to iniatiate a civic legal challange rather than howling at the moon in cyberspace.

    Good comment Tom.

  34. Oh dear, Semi, I have had a load of drink *lol"…..wise up.

    Now, You are a rude supporter of ira lying , murdering scum.
    Now how DARE you put it back on me, A person who tried and succeeded in saving lives is miles above you.

    I say again;

    I accuse Martin McGUINNESS of directing terrorism.




    Lets go,, mopes….

  35. oh, sorry, paul is hurting, he was defeating last night becasues of wee wille carlind evidence and made him look like the bum he is….

    it was funny….lol

  36. Just to be ckear….

    I challenge, martin mcguinness, adams, mclaughlin and Keenan that you are responisble for directing terrorism.

    I await……………………

    the rest of you are simply sad…….


  37. Ru, run, run, away…..


    I challenge the SCUM of the ira to take me to to court,


  38. Defeating last night?

    Oh dear, present continious for a finished action?

    Who is Willie Carlind?

    God´s teeth, this is too funny. You do realise that you have to wake up tomorrow don´t you LU?

  39. LU, go to bed, my friend. Tomorrow you will re-read this thread and just want the earth to swallow you up. I know, for I have been there.

  40. Tom,

    I agree with most of what you are saying here. People here are too caught up in where they WERE rather than where they would LIKE TO BE. Being where they ARE doesn't seem to sit well with some people. A perfect example is the owner of this site, David Vance. He posts on a regular basis on how 'his' Britain is going to the dogs because of, mainly Muslim people, but generally, anyone who isn't white and British. He wishes that Britain would get back to the 'Traditional Values,' which seem to consist of being white, and…well…being British. He will accept ANY person living 'here,' as long as they forego any trappings of their own culture and assimilate into his.

    BUT – When David talks about here, as in Northern Ireland/the Six Counties/the Province/the North of Ireland, it is usually, when talking politically or culturally – a call for a return to the 'old values.' ie – a return to the old Unionist values. Where Belfast city centre closed all weekend and half day on a Wednesday. Where they tie up swings in play parks on a Sunday. Where one group of people are deemed to be non-qualified for a job because of their religion. So what hope does ANY other religous grouping have?

    These are the values that David Vance espouses, as a member of the TUV. Forget the 'no terrorists in government' line, because Jim Allister, the TUV leader, signed up to exactly that as a member of the DUP. We are all now in a coalition of the best sort – we're all in there somewhere. Well, except for those who don't want things to change…

  41. 'Now, You are a rude supporter of ira lying , murdering scum.'

    Please show me where I said I was an IRA supporter, or apologise.

    'Now how DARE you put it back on me,'
    You sound like the gay guy from the catherine Tate show – How Very Dare You!'

    'A person who tried and succeeded in saving lives is miles above you.' – I have only your word on this LU, and to be honest, I don't really believe you ever did anything like this. I think you are lying. Prove me wrong.

    Now, What do you mean by:-

    'Henry, take your pick,,,,,would LOVE to have machine gunmarty in court.

    It wont happen, but I wont expose his murdering scum.

    Any of us would CLEAN him.'

    Sunday, August 29, 2010 at 01:05AM | Registered CommenterLogical Unionist

  42. Sad,

    You are all just sad, sad, sad.

    Oh, And I wish I wish as drunk as you lot….;)

    Paul, I can understand. You are pissed of because I ran around you last week; Tom, Dont get your snivelling creeps……oh, yeessssh, I do.

    As for Semi intelligence, it amuses me, as I defeat you all, time, and time again..


    A laughing stock.


    PS, "LU, go to bed, my friend. Tomorrow you will re-read this thread and just want the earth to swallow you up. I know, for I have been there."

    I would think to support murderong scum would be worse!
    I am here………………………..AS ALWAYS.

  43. So, all you slabbers were gurning abot the duputy first minister.

    I hearby challenge him, and I accuse him* openly of directing terrorism, (the same as Jonny Adair)

    I await your apllications……..

    * (Martin McGuinness)

  44. Seimi & Tom, I´d love to debate reasonably with you both but I just can´t help myself. This is just too good an opportunity to miss so I´ll keep my powder dry until the near future and let those in a hole keep on digging.

    I suspect that if there are any pro-union ATW commentators reading this the are cringing almost as much as someone will be cringing tomorrow.

  45. It is just too be good…. lol

    I cleaned you last wekk….and now?

    Bring it on.

    I have shown you and the rest, and called your bluff.

    Lies cannot be defended it seems.

    lol guffaw. give us some more!!!!!

    Wont be cringing, (THE VICTOR, AS USUAL, ) tomorrow.


  46. I will keep it simple.


    Any comments, or opposition is welcome, I would LOVE a day or two or so in court to expose the murderering scum.

    So wee liar/pinky. ira seamy, paul and sean from Canada, lets have it.

    Unless of course, you have no balls, or a leg to stand on?

    I await you all.

    Laughing stock……………

  47. I REPEAT,


    Lets have it.

    Call me to court…..PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE……

  48. You sad, drunk fool. Just go to bed. You are embarrassing yourself and all those on here who you wish to recruit to your bigotted cause. Just go and sleep and sober up. Maybe, just maybe, you will make sense then.

  49. "you guys are obessed with booze…I am about to go out to dinner!"

    Sunday, August 29, 2010 at 12:53AM

    "Semi. have a look at yourself…."

    Sunday, August 29, 2010 at 01:01AM

    Oh dear, Semi, I have had a load of drink *lol"…..wise up"

    Sunday, August 29, 2010 at 01:30AM

    "the rest of you are simply sad…….


    Sunday, August 29, 2010 at 01:35AM


    Sunday, August 29, 2010 at 01:40AM

    "You are all just sad, sad, sad., Oh, And I wish I wish as drunk as you lot….;)"

    Sunday, August 29, 2010 at 02:07AM

    Obviously a very short dinner LU. Did you go far?, was there alcohol involved?

    For God´s sake man go to sleep and save yourself more embarrassment.

  50. LOL,

    i AM HURTIN……..


    I REPEAT, bring on machine gun marty, and adams to court, and I want legal aid, because I am a poor unemployed protestant.

    Will you support me?

  51. I think DV is probably asleep… I have half a mind to just disable comments on this thread now, as it's getting stupid, and furthermore, I think the dignity of the victims (named on the scanned image in the post) is being dragged down. I think their families would be saddened by reading some of this. I'm not sure if I CAN disable the comments, but in DV's absence, can I ask, what do you think? Should I do it?

  52. oh, Paul son, being cleaned by a 'drunk', even if I was, should be enough to scurry you away with your 'heroes' in the sahdows, but you are back for more!!


    I drink wine with a meal, but I understand you have to grasp at straws because your argument is so weak.

    I am sober as always, and your position is exposed…..as usual.

  53. Tom – if you can do it, do it

    LU – YOU are the reason the thread is being closed. YOU! You inconsiderate drunken prick! Go to bed!

  54. I hereby say this; amongst other more important matters, but I still will , (ahem,) accuse martin mcguinness of directing terrorism.

    But, ( hic) I am so drunk….lol

    I think this is the last resort when you cannot win the debate, oh, sorry, then its onto violence, sorry, I forgot.

  55. Alright, this thread has gone far enough, I think. We're talking about several victims of a bomb here, and I think that some of what has been said is not very respectful to their memory, nor to their surviving families. I'm taking a full copy of this thread to email to DV, so he can make his judgement as to whether I have overstepped my mark in doing so, but I'm shutting down comments on this thread (If I can do it). (If I can't, then ooops, OK, the thread remains up, but be it hereby noted that I tried to close it). DV, I hope you understand, and I hope I'm not stepping out of line here. I meant all for the best.

  56. Semi, 'drunken prick', tut, tut…….

    'YOU' are a fool, but I dont complain, and if I could drink, 'YOU' in your sad little world I would like to visit.

    Desperate lads, desperate.

    Why cant we all get along?

    What happened to the shared future?

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