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When I occasionally gaze through the Weekend Financial Times and Magazine, I am usually guaranteed a session of incisive writing and journalism, with articles written clearly and without the cant which infects many of the mainstream newspapers. So when I spotted an op-ed piece which featured Linford Christie together with the sub-title ‘gardening’, I presumed that the FT would be doing its usual thorough job, edited of course for the online edition, on the life and hobbies of a former sprinter.

But I was mistaken about the thorough job which I presumed would have been completed upon this former ‘idol’ who had been ‘an example’ to so many youngsters. Yes, he tells of the possibilities lost because he commenced his athletic career late in life; true, he talks lovingly about the effect that gardening had had upon his life, and the lives of his family. He talks movingly about how he would put his gardening boots on immediately he returned home from a meeting.

But I said I was mistaken about the FT doing its usual job,; because the story never mentioned the one hundred times the normal dosage of Nandrolone which was found in a routine blood sample taken from Christie after a race in Dortmund. He didn’t have to prove anything in racing, he had already retired, but he wanted to show he was still a winner, and so the steroids.

Its a pity about the Christie piece concerning gardening, because if the drugs scandal had even just been mentioned, no-one would have taken the slightest bit of notice; because after all, what harm can be done by telling the truth?

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3 thoughts on ““…. respecting and abiding by the rules which govern them…”

  1. Was he also banned from gardening?… if not, then just how unecessary was it to even mention it.

  2. It’s kinda hard hard, to keep up with all the politicaky correct ‘ Common purpose’ madness, no matter, you can try as hard as you like, one can not possibly keep uop with it all?

    Not so Great Britain, anymore .. 2012, would the last sane person, leaving not so Great Britain 2012, please turn off, that ever fading light at the end of that socialist tunnel 😉

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