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Here in Gotham City, restaurants were allowed to resume indoor service yesterday.

At 25% capacity, in addition to whatever outdoor seating that they may have.

With cold weather coming, indoor seating will be crucial. 25% isn’t much. In many cases, it will mean that the businesses and staff will lose less money than before, not that they will be prosperous.

I commemorated the occasion by having dinner at a local diner last night. We were the only customers in there at first. Many don’t want to eat indoors now. Half the country doesn’t fear the virus enough, some New Yorkers fear it too much, still, despite our current relatively good status on it.

Tipping is how waiters and waitresses are paid in the USA. I tipped well, and in cash, and I hope that better days are ahead for our friends and neighbors in the restaurants.

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19 thoughts on “Restaurants Open a Bit More

  1. Fair play. They are actually increasing restrictions here. Indoor service has been open for a while now, but now they are making it only one household allowed per table or up to six adults from two different households. So three people who live alone won’t be able to eat together in a restaurant.

  2. I read today that rents are down 11% in NYC due to its dependence on tourism and the hospitality industry. That’s the largest drop in the country. 10,000 rental units went empty last quarter.

  3. Probably a combination of that and a big increase in home working. I know in Belfast, which is tiny compared to New York, that a lot of city centre retailers, hospitality etc… are struggling because their normal trade is heavily reliant on city centre workers. With a huge number of Belfast office workers working from home that trade is dead, and the shops won’t last much longer.

  4. Yes

    Tourism is an enormously important industry for us.

    Tourists from afar, in their millions but also day tourists from places like Pennsylvania.

    But there is much less reason to come to town for the day with no Broadway plays, no professional sports, etc.

    I am agitating to have some of us return to the office in person on a voluntary basis. I see no reason to have the degree of office closures that we now have, a thing that also devastates the Manhattan restaurants etc.

  5. Even the most high tech companies, like facebook and google, strongly believe in the importance of in person workplaces.

    Both have signed long term leases in NYC after the pandemic.

    All remote working I think will make internal teams less tight, and will make it incredibly hard for a new person to learn or to integrate with formal and informal teams.

    But will there be much more working from home even when the office returns? For sure.

  6. Half the country doesn’t fear the virus enough, some New Yorkers may fear it too much, still, despite our current relatively good status on it.

    that’s the right tone, anything else is nonsense blabbering from know-nothing from crack-heads

    you could strike the same tone in another subject, you display balance on covid-19, but not on this :

    half the country doesn’t fear the white-supremacist threat ( to the election ) enough, some New Yorkers may fear anteefa too much , but that’s for another day 😉

  7. I follow the facts. Not always correct, but I strive to be.

    What do you do?

    It’s OK for people to reach different conclusions based on the same evidence either by the way. Some tend to forget that. Jury verdicts aren’t always unanimous the last time I looked.

    Support your local restaurant.

  8. that’s close to admitting you’re rational on one subject but not on another.
    we try to find the truth here on ATW , we’re not a jury
    Truth or fiction is the name of the game
    logical arguments and debating rules being the modus operandi
    by debating rules we mean the discovery of non-sequiters, whataboutery, distraction, diversion and all the other sneaky plays people throw up like logical fallacies as we colm through our arguments 😉

  9. NYC Restaurants Sue Cuomo, De Blasio For $2 Billion Over …
    Sep 03, 2020 · Restaurants in New York City filed a $2 billion class-action lawsuit against city and state officials on Thursday, alleging the indoor dining ban caused “irreparable harm” to the city’s food and…

    NY, NJ, Pa, Governors have destroyed the restaurant and bar industry in their states. 1000s of small family restaurants and corner bars, and family small businesses will never come back.

  10. Very much of the criticisms made by the desperate owners are accurate

    NYC would not have opened for indoor dining without the threat of a lawsuit

    The loss of the old school ” New Corner “, where scenes from ” The Irishman ” were filmed, is felt especially hard here. Another may open in that space, but it could not be the same.

  11. This is a clip from the place that just closed. It was a family room for the neighborhood, and beyond.

  12. I did not know that

    So he is leaving over the air radio, but continuing with the podcast?

    He could do well with podcast only, but his Schtick is getting stale for me

    I am a late adapter to podcasts, now starting with Joe Rogan, who can be really good, with a wild variety of guests

  13. Rogan’s good, I don’t know if you’d like Bongino but his is good. Mostly I listen to podcasts that are like old radio skits. I’m listening to one right now called the White Vault.

    It’s roughly based on the horror story The Thing, it’s really good.


  14. The things that I like about Rogan

    He exhibits a great curiosity about many subjects,

    He lets his guests speak without interruption , about the most prominent or arcane topics. Recently, the history of psychoactive plants, their benefits.

    He has a huge young adult following.

    Will check out the others.

    This technology is another huge competitor to normal over the air radio.

  15. the white vault is pure entertainment, Bongino was secret service, nyc cop, very down to earth and straight talking, but be prepared he is friends with hannity so take that in mind when stepping in.

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