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My heart just bleeds for Paul Kavanagh.  

Who is he?

Paul Kavanagh served 14 years in prison for killing three people in an IRA bombing campaign in England in 1981. He currently acts as adviser to Martin McGuinness.

Here is one of his victims.

Thanks to the Legal Bill that Jim Allister has originated and that looks like it will now become law next week, Kavanagh may will be sacked from his VERY lucrative position as Special Adviser to McGuinness. As a point of further interest, Special Advisers earn up to £90,000 a year (Yes, you heard that right)

Kavanagh is married to convicted IRA bomber and Sinn Fein MEP Martina Anderson.

Given his pedigree of terror and his conviction for mass murder, one wonders what special skills Kavanagh has that attracted the attention of former IRA Commander McGuinness? Either way, such a person should hold NO such office in our government. Indeed the real debate is why other convicted terrorists are permitted to hold political office. But removing the likes of Kavanagh is at least one small step in the right direction.

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  1. What’s the betting that individuals like this man will simply be reallocated other lucrative public sector posts which fall outside of the remit of this new law.

  2. It’s strange actually that this law came so late and that is has such limited scope.
    Or is is that other appointments and positions are already covered by other legislation?

    But as I said, it’s very late in the day. In a few years, everyone who was an adult during the bad days of the Troubles will be retired.

  3. Regardless of the merit or acceptability of former convicts gaining public employment, I find it more annoying that these posts exist at all. What specifically do these ‘advisors’ do that merit the payments of salaries of up to £90,000 at a time of supposed austerity and public sector belt tightening. Are these posts really essential ?

  4. I agree Colm. It is a clear patronage creation.

    I also think if he is actually kicked out of the position they’ll create some other position for him.

  5. The hypocriscy of Jolly Jimbo, Bríd Rogers, Seamus Mallon and present SDLPers on ex – prisoners holding positions as SPADS and in wider public sector jobs is breathtaking.

  6. Do any of these guys have jobs in the private sector?

    Do they only seek government jobs, some of which seem like fake jobs?

  7. I know ex prisoners who have jobs in the private sector Phantom, some of whom are successful businessmen.

  8. Kavanagh has responded to this with a typical “most oppressed people ever” comment. The Shinners just don`t get it. The only victims they care about are the ones on their own side.

  9. Paul

    What qualifies this guy for such a well paid job?

    Please don’t disappoint by saying ” the fact that Mr McGuinness chose him qualifies him ” or ” everyone else does it too ”

    Is he the most qualified? Should such jobs exist?

  10. What qualifies this guy for such a well paid job?

    I don’t know Phantom.

    Is he the most qualified? Should such jobs exist?

    Again, I don’t know.

  11. Paul Kavanagh has a point in some of what he says. In the space of two years NI went from having the lowest prison population in the UK to the highest in Europe. That doesn’t happen by coincidence.

    The hypocriscy of the SDLP & JJ regarding ex prisoners and public employment is nauseating.

  12. When Mallon was DFM and Rogers was a Minister Leo Green was SPAD to Barbaire Dé Brun and nothing was said as they didn’t want to upset the gravy train applecart.

    And JJ nas never said anything about murderers being reinstated back into the ranks of the BA.

  13. None of this would fall into the “little brown envelope, thank you for your support” category would it?

  14. Because you’re all saying that you don’t really know what these folk actually do, so perhaps it’s some kind of a reward or recognition.

  15. It is just wrong to reward murderers. This is a first step to right that wrong. Hopefully more will follow.

  16. Isn’t it logical that a ‘Political Advisor’ to a Minister be ‘online’ with party policy?

  17. The linked article is truly remarkable. It talks at length about the hunger strike and mentions that Leo Green was serving a life sentence. But strangely, it totally fails to mention why he was sentenced. This supports my earlier remark that the Shinners have zero feelings of remorse towards the victims of their war. They are genuinely puzzled by the desire of others to exclude convicted murderers from huge salaries at Stormont.

  18. Yeah it also doesn’t explain why the SDLP kept schtum about it when they were top dogs either.


  19. New Yorker

    I was wrong to let them out of jail but we left right re murderers behind us with the Belfast Agreement

  20. So Green is a convicted murderer. Yes, the SDLP should have objected to him getting a Spad job. Shame on them, but at least they are doing the right thing now. Better late than never.

  21. Advisors are always trusted people, it’s not the kind of job one advertises in the paper. If he’s ‘most qualified’ in the eyes of those he’s advising the game on..

  22. Yes, the SDLP should have objected to him getting a Spad job

    But the didn’t and therein lies the rub. They didn’t because they wanted to protect their positions as top dogs and now they’re no longer at the top they’re crying about it.

    As hypocritical as sunny Jim never saying anything about convicted murderers not only being re – admitted back into the British Army after only serving a fraction of their sentence, (and receiving full army pay while in jail), but actuallu being put in charge of an assault weapon too.

    Two legs good four legs bad.

    I guess that some victims are worth more than others?

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