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One of the greats retired from international rugby today.

Shane Williams bowed out against Australia in Cardiff today. The little wizard had it all: timing, burning pace, balance, instinct, good hands, a deadly sidestep and fight. The best British winger I’ve seen. How good? The best Welsh winger since the great Gerald Davies according to Jonathan Davies on the BBC this afternoon. His tally of 58 tries in 85 intenationals, twice a Lion and 2008 World Player of the Year is all the more remarkable when you consider he was once told by Graham Henry, then coach of Wales, that he’s too small and would never make it in test rugby.

Fittingly he bowed out with a try in the final minute of his last appearance in typical style. Lurking in the backline, sensing the opportunity, he receives, draws the defender, a dart and shimmy and the centre’s grasping thin air. Williams in for the score. Magic stuff.


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7 thoughts on “REVENGE OF THE LITTL’UN

  1. Aaaah, Shane!
    What a star, what a true blue Welshman..
    My wife and I began to really rate Wales some years ago when Gavin Henson was in the team, but there was a real zip to the Welsh team which made England look positively pedestrian.
    Shane Williams is a Welsh Great. a lovely guy whose modesty and passion warmed the heart.
    Wales is poorer with his retirement. A sad day.

  2. Agit8ed –

    You might remember Henson putting over a last minute kick to beat England in Cardiff (Shane Williams ran in a try too). I was in the Millennium that day, one Englishman surrounded by 74,000 taffs going mental.

    Oh joy.

  3. Sad that Gavin wrote his book and started to believe he was bigger than the team. With an ego like that he should have gone into politics instead…

    P.S. I just love the Welsh passion for Rugby!

  4. Illuvni,
    Anyone who loves Rugby has got to be half decent! Which is why, despite all his faults and inconsistencies, AND his overpriced outdoor kit, Pete Moore is okay. 😉

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