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Imagine you are a very successful  ‘Pop Singer’ and you have sourced your songs, your material from not only your own mind, but from friends and from other writers and singers.

You are content that you have done everything by the ‘book’ when making your records, and your fans have responded by making you very wealthy.

Then; Disaster. Your records are ‘soiled‘ by association with a paedophile pervert named Rolf Harris.

And then you get this:-

One fan tweeted: “I feel they (the songs) have now been soiled, and I would like the chance to listen to these tracks without the input of Rolf Harris. “Maybe Kate will do this in future, she has been an avid supporter of childrens’ charities here in the UK (NSPCC springs to mind) so she may want to do this.”

Another added: “Rolf Harris made a significant contribution to The Painter’s Link and every time that track officially down loaded, Kate (via her companies) profits from it. That has to a very unwelcome association for Kate. Although she clearly wasn’t aware of Rolf’s criminal activity at the time the recording was made, she must be well aware of it now.”


Knowing very little about modern music, but a great deal about ‘pressure politics’, I ask the question: Should she change? Hell; No!

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9 thoughts on “Revisionist Tripe!

  1. This is daft. Demanding the erasure of any works that a criminal may have been involved in should be left to the fanatical ideologies of totalitarian states. The sensible move in these situations is to reject the singer but not the song.

  2. //The sensible move in these situations is to reject the singer but not the song.//

    Unless the song is now discovered to be related to the crime.

    Like “Two little boys had too little toys”

    No wonder the narrator was “all a-tremble” when he recalled how they played “gaily” as boys.

  3. Kate Bush did nothing wrong. Her body of work should not be trifled with.

    End of.

  4. A few fans express their thoughts on Twitter and this is pressure politics?

    Phantom – 100%

  5. This is a problem with local or national or world media.

    A few ” get a life ” professional complainers start griping about a real or manufactured issue, and they are given equal prominence to the 99.99999% who aren’t complaining.

  6. I’d imagine more than anything that it’s a slow news day at the Daily Mail

  7. Gill Sans seems to have been adopted as the national font of the UK, it gets everywhere. But Eric Gill is reputed to have a darker sexual history than Saville, Hall, and Harris put together.

    All those “Keep Calm” posters, well, “Keep Calm Daughters While I **** You”

    Not making any suggestions, but the spectacle of the purge of every document and sign set in Gill Sans would be fascinating to watch!

  8. There are no people on the face of the earth more susceptible to a moral argument than the Jews.

    By making their primary tactics those of violence usually that of the terrorist type,amidst screaming for the death of the Jewish state, the Arabs forfeited their most effective weapon.

    Militant nonviolence as an exclusive tactic would have worked over time.

    For starters, there would have been no Six Day War, and Gaza and the West Bank would never have been under any Israeli control.

    But hey, it was such fun to say drive them into the sea.

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