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Say what you will but I wish that Tony Abbott was UK Prime Minister! Down under, he recognises there IS  a problem and tries to deal with it.

Muslim Australians are denouncing government discussions of revoking citizenship for suspected terrorists.

 Plans have been underway in Canberra to annul Australian passports for alleged terrorists of dual nationality since May, the BBC reported. A new legislation could enable Australia to revoke citizenship rights for more than 100 Australians believed to be fighting with the Islamic State. Muslim activists in Australia said the move only strengthens executive power and called the measure one-sided, The Guardian reported.

Silma Ihram, of the Australian Muslim Women’s Association, said Muslims are “extraordinarily frustrated” at the lack of any “real” consultation with Muslim community groups, prior to the signing of a letter that supported the decision.

So, these “moderate” Muslims are unhappy that their more militant brothers  won’t be permitted BACK into Australia having gone Jihad with Islamic State. Makes you wonder if the Muslim exodus from Oz needs to be widened in scope?

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  1. The only problem I have with this are the use of the adjectives ‘suspected’ and ‘believed to be’

    If these Aussies have gone off to fight with ISIS arrest them as soon as they try to return, imprison them for ten years and then deport them to Syria as soon as they have finished their sentence.

    On the other hand this could well could well be an act open to abuse by expelling people you don’t like based on ‘suspicion’

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