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The Nation is reaching it’s breaking point. Gas is $5 and climbing with no end in sight, with each rise in price so rises the anger of the American public….

The Federal Government has decided that We The People shall be forced to cease the use of the Gasoline Engine. They have decided that no longer will Americans be allowed to use ANY Fuel that burns. Oil, Coal, and LNG will no longer be tolerated by them to fuel our cars, heat our homes, or any of the 1000 things we use those Fuel’s for. ALL things will be Electric Battery Powered, Fueled by Solar and Wind PERIOD.

We have to look seriously at what has transpired over the last 2 years in regard to our Nations Fuel Supply. At the end of the Trump Administration the United States was at the beginning of a massive Energy Boom. The price at the pump on January 6th was $1.93gal, right now down the street from my house it is $5.13gal. That however is just one of this disasters symptoms, not the issue, not the cause.

The cause is the United States Government under the control of Politicians, and not the influence of the American People. These idiots that are supposed to represent us to conduct the Business of governing, as to the affect of handling the affairs of State, to maintain a fair and balanced Rule of Law and Commerce among the States, and Provide for Our Defense. NOTHING ELSE ! Our lives and how we conduct them is totally our affair. The Government on ANY level has no say in how we conduct them as long as we live within the Laws of the Land.

Instead our current leaders believe they are Royalty that can Dictate to the People how we will Think, How we will Speak, How we will or actually will Not Pray, What Drugs we Must put into our body’s, When and How we can open our Private Businesses, and most arrogantly What our Children will be taught in School, whether we like it our NOT.

All of those acts as insidious on their own, they however are not the greatest assault the Biden Administration is visiting upon the American People and the Nation as a whole. That crime is the Federal Government deciding on it’s own to enact the Tenet’s of a Religion. The Religion Of Climate Change. The Federal Government has adopted this Religion without the consent of the People, and against the basic principals the Nation was founded on.

Even if you believe Man can, and has changed the Planets Climate, and you do have the Right to believe that if You Choose. That is supposed to be a guarantee as an American. To Believe as You chose. Our rights come from the Natures Creator and no man let alone Government can take your Freedoms away, although every Government always tries. Today this is not a discussion about the validity of Climate Change, this is a discussion about our Federal Government acting on Climate Change in an extremely Radical Manner that completely jeopardizes the Nations existence without explaining it to the People or asking their Permission.

This all sounds like crazy conspiracy kook Sh**, I know. I wish it was, the evidence of what is taking place right before our eyes however is just really hard for anyone to deny that it is happening.

Day one of the Biden Administration the President began shutting down America’s Fuel supply. It has not stopped since. The incremental dismantling of our Energy Sector has been taking place on a Daily basis. It has just reached the point that this dismantling has Broken the Law.

On June 29th the Biden Administration ignored the Law that controls all Off Shore Oil Production in the United States

The 1953 Outer Continental’s Lands Act, by Law the Department of the Interior is Required to issue a 5 year Leasing Plan that controls ALL off shore drilling. The deadlines in this Law have only been missed once since it was passed, that was 64 years ago. The Plan was received though, just a week late. It still had the same effect that missing last weeks date will have. The United States Government will NOT be able to issue any New Leases this entire year, while all existing Leases will Expire unable to be renewed forcing the existing Well’s to have to shut down. All while Biden is saying that he wants the Oil Companies to produce more Oil to ease the price. The actions the Government are taking are the exact opposite of what they would be doing if they wanted more oil. The actions they are taking Cut oil production further reducing supply.

This Law that the Administration just broke controls every Off Shore well on both coasts and the Gulf of Mexico. These Wells produced 1.75Million Barrels of Oil a Day last year, they can not be worked with out this plan in place. Which means boys and girls that 1.75 Million Barrels of Oil has been removed form our daily supply.

This is a purposeful attack on the American Citizen. It has only one purpose, to drive the cost of Fossil Fuels even higher. It is being done for the sole purpose of FORCING the American People to stop using ANYTHING that runs off of Oil & Gas of any kind. If you have to choose between Gas in your Car, or Heat in your home and food, you have to choose food. You still have to drive to work/school/shopping and still have to heat or cool your home is not an option with a third of our population being senior citizens. We don’t want to be like Governor Cuomo and cause the deaths of thousands of Seniors, but in this case it would be millions of Seniors.

No, our Cars, heaters, and air conditioners, must all be Electric Battery Powered charged by Solar or Wind Period. Now this would be nice on a lot of levels, so would Teleporters and Faster than Light Space Travel. Both however are currently out of our scientific reach.

The problem we face is the Maniacs that are shutting down Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas, believe the Novelty Level of Energy that is generated by these sources can actually replace what we use daily to live. They can not, we simply are not at the level of technological development to replace the 3 sources of energy that we use now. Plus the Raw Materials for both Wind and Solar all come from China. A Nation that is openly plotting the Downfall of the U.S.. I don’t see anything wrong with this situation do you? I mean I know the Biden’s don’t, they’ve been paid over $11 Million that we know about from the Chinese to facilitate the dependency on their Market. The Chinese seem to be getting their money’s worth.

Look, given time and ingenuity we will develop replacements for Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas, as of now those replacements do not exist. The cost to American Society shutting off availability to these naturally abundant resources to the American People will not save the Planet, what it will do is destroy the American Way of Life. This leads to only one place at this time in history with current levels of technology. Complete Chaos, Anarchy, and Violence, if we are lucky a Revolution. That at least would be controllable, rather than the more likely version that our society breaks down into factions with armed violence against each other after the government falls.

We are not ready to end the use of Fossil Fuels. It is not the Job of the Federal Government to COMMAND US to do so. They do as the old phrase says work for us. We are not their subjects.

The breaking of the Law with the Biden Administrations refusing to follow the The 1953 Outer Continental’s Lands Act is a REAL Impeachable Act, not a fabricated one like the 3 brought against Trump. The Biden Administration is Actively Assaulting the American People Violating the Law to force us to give up the use of our vehicles and home HVAC systems, and buy products against our will, and without our VOTE of approval.

Not to mention that the Biden’s and other members of the Federal Government and their families will make huge profits off of their investments in the companies that will eventually be supplying the products we are being forced to buy.

There is an Election in November that can bring this to a halt and stop the senseless destruction of the United States. We can Impeach Biden and start to peacefully correct the course that we are on. That is if and it is a big if that if the Republicans gain control that they will actually do anything.

Time after time since they forced Newt Gingrich from office for actually doing what he Promised, the Republicans in Congress have done the exact opposite of what they ran on. John (The Traitor) McCain comes to mind. Giving the American People the Middle Finger as he stuck us with Obamacare as his life’s last act is the easiest example. As is the latest FU from the GOP joining with the Democrats on Gun Control. Past performance proves that we can not just Trust them to do what’s right.

I pray that the Republicans win Control, that the Election is not stolen, and I pray that once they have power they do their job and act for the American People. If not I will pray for the safety of my fellow citizens as the Nation falls.

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