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Quite honestly, this SHOULD be a n0-brainer but State controlled education works in an odd way;

Poor teachers could be paid less than competent colleagues under government plans to improve standards of state education.

I disagree. Poor teachers should be given every help to become better teachers. If they remain poor teachers, sack them. Simple. Yet the reality is that in the UK State education system, sacking poor teachers on performance grounds is almost impossible. Here is why;

Christine Blower, the general secretary of the National Union of Teachers, said: “Payment by results is total nonsense. Children are not tins of beans and schools are not factory production lines. “Successful schools rely on a collegiate approach and team working. Performance-related pay is not only inappropriate but also divisive. “Children and young people differ and class intakes differ from year to year, making it impossible to measure progress in simplistic terms.”

Or, if you cut through the self serving waffle, we do not want to be measured on how we perform, it’s soooo not fair. Waaaaaaugghhh!

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