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Mobile phones are more of a danger than I thought!

“The pilots of an international flight forgot to lower the landing gear and had to abort touch-down at just 500ft because the captain was distracted by his mobile phone, air safety investigators have found. Australian Jetstar flight JQ57 was making its approach to Singapore’s Changi International Airport on May 27, 2010 and was less than 2,500 feet above the tarmac when the captain’s mobile phone messaging alert sounded. The first officer twice tried to get the captain’s attention to set a ‘missed-approach altitude’ and when he looked over noticed the ‘captain was preoccupied with his mobile phone,’ an official report into the incident said.”

Sack him.

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3 thoughts on “RING RING..

  1. If this had been a passenger they would probably have been arrested for breaking the “switch off all mobile phones” rule.

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