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Police try and hold back the protesters outside the Israeli embassy, Kensington, as thousands show their anger at the worsening situation in GazaBarriers are broken down as the protest turns ugly, with at least one police officer hospitalised by the riotsClean-up in Kensington: Demonstrations and vigils have been held all week, reaching a crescendo of 100,000 on Saturday

Just catching up with the news and I see that pro-Hamas storm-troopers have been out polluting the streets of our major cities here in the UK. Curious how the BBC has chosen to contradict police estimates of the numbers of protesters present in London (BBC say 50,000 but the Police say 12,000, go figure!) and then uses such weasel expressions as “given the numbers of people the protest was peaceful.”

I attach an image of this “peaceful protest” for your review and I hope all those injured policemen realise that how lucky they were that this was a peaceful protest, especially the officer who is now unconscious as a result of extreme peacefulness by the protesters. Hope his family also appreciate this.

I also noted that the BBC ends it report with the statement that “Health officials in Gaza say more than 800 Palestinians have died. Israel says 13 Israelis have been killed.” No Hamas terrorists killed so far , then? Not even one, apparently.What rotten shots the IDF/IAF are! Then again, perhaps I spoke too soon.

The BBC actually DOES show a breakdown of numbers – for the Israeli deaths. On all those 800 Palestinians, just one very convenient media impactful number. Not a word of any Hamas deaths.

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57 thoughts on “RIOTS IN LONDON..

  1. In the last week I have had the news that a good friend of mine , a Royal Marine , was killed by a IED in Helmand Province ; I wept when I received that news .
    When one reads David’s post , above , I wonder why we tolerate terrorists to openly operate on London’s streets with impunity .
    My solution is well known and I am now even more certain of it’s right .
    May God Bless you R.M.

  2. my prayers for your friend doctor

    As for the scum protesting in all our streets we must pray our internal security systems are taking names and tagging people of interest.

    everyone of these pro palli demonstrators could very easily start to self explode

  3. The show today embarrasses the organisers and they show themselves up for what they truly are. Thugs with no interest in the cause they pretend to care for, abusing their right to free speech and hurting others in the process. But we tolerate it because it does still represent free speech Doctor. Even if what it turned into was a farce (for their cause). It remains something your brave friend was fighting to preserve and provide for the future. I am sorry for your loss. His sacrifice keeps the rest of us safe and he makes the twits in the picture look truly pathetic.

  4. Totally one-sided coverage from the BBC.

    No doubt the "BBC estimate" of 50,000 protestors accords closely with the organisers’ own "estimate". Given the extremist views on display, it would have been amazing if there had been no violence against the police.

  5. Seriously, a broken window and the odd minor scuffle and you make them sound like the Orange Order.

  6. I’m not in the least upset. It makes one appreciative of a country in which the press is allowed to operate freely.

  7. "I was thinking about going to the pro-democracy/Israel rally tomorrow but am concerned now."

    I suggest you choose one or the other and go to that.

  8. That photo shows an isolated incident, as the demo approached the Israeli embassy the road was narrowed by barriers and the side streets were closed off. Bad policing, a lot of people tried to walk back against the ongoing march. It looks like a few young men took exception to this. In the whole scheme of things I would call that a minor scuffle.

    Funny how you all assume and criticise the likes of the BBC when you know nothing more that what you read in reports you then disregard. Well for your information the organisers claimed there were 100,000. There were certainly more than the 50,000 apparently reported by the BBC, and if the police think there were 12,000 then they can add that to the embarrassing way they policed the event at the one place trouble could have been anticipated.

    The marchers were the usual mixture of "lefties and liberals". I was there and there was not a hint of trouble from what I saw and certainly no "terrorosts".

    I write this to add balance to the shit that’s already written here. You can all go ahead and attack me now, you’re so predictable…

  9. Daithio,

    Bet the family of the policeman beaten unconscious is relieved to read what you say.


    Yes – freedom of expression of course being conspicuously absent from Hamastan.

  10. DV, but their loved one will recover, unlike the hundreds of innocent Gazan’s indiscrimiately killed by the state of Israel!

    The actions of a very VERY small minority are not representetive of the spirit of the tens of thousands who bothered to go out on a bitterly cold day to register their disgust. Families, the old, the young, jews and gentiles. That’s why I felt I should try to set the record straight here.

  11. there are no innocent gazans they chose this leadership that they knew would leed to this conflict. becarefull the seeds you sow you may not like the crop you have to reap

  12. Daithio:

    "DV, but their loved one will recover, unlike the hundreds of innocent Gazan’s indiscrimiately killed by the state of Israel!"

    I doubt if DV cares much about those 800+ souls. I could be wrong but he’s given no indication so far.

  13. Daithio

    The photos give the lie to what you say

    I wouldn’t expect to see violence at a pro Israel demo, unless it was your " few young men " coming to assault the demonstrators.

  14. Irish Barry,

    Any thoughts on now many of the 800 "souls" were Hamas terrorists? Oh so innocent….

  15. LOL an ‘indiscriminate’ offensive which has killed…a few hundred people, the vast majority of whom even the UN admits are terrorists. If that’s indiscriminate then the IDF’s aim must have suddenly gone awry…

    The scum of Hamas are losing. Thier leaders are dying, their cowardice as they hide behind innocent Gazans to fire their weapons is slowly being exposed. And there’s absolutely nothing the scum on that march can do to stop it no matter how many flags they wave, or how many coppers they attack.

    Warms the cockles of my black little baby-killing Zionist heart, it does.

  16. David:

    "Any thoughts on now many of the 800 "souls" were Hamas terrorists?"

    Plenty. Any thoughts on the possibility that the Palestinians may have a grievance?

  17. I phrased that badly. I meant I have plenty of thoughts on how many of the many of the 800+ "souls" were Hamas terrorists?

    And why do you place souls in parentheses?

  18. "There are no innocent Gazans’

    There are no innocent Jews

    There are no innocent Americans

    There are no innocent Brits

    All legitimate targets I suppose , just pick which group you want to go for.

  19. Doctor my condolences.So many people lost to us in comflict.

    Re the numbers. It is very difficult to accurately judge numbers and I think it always will be. Different seemingly logical ways of estimating can give wildly different results even before you have a motivation to under or over estimate.

    Of course it also only takes a small number of thugs to create a lot of damage.

  20. "There is no such thing as innocence,.. Only degrees of guilt"

    Someone’s been playing too many computer games.

  21. Ah Colm
    "There are no innocent Gazans’

    There are no innocent Jews

    There are no innocent Americans

    There are no innocent Brits

    All legitimate targets I suppose , just pick which group you want to go for.

    your starting to think like an islamist

  22. Irish Barry –

    I doubt if DV cares much about those 800+ souls.

    Yeah alright, your silly ad homs aside, you can strike one death from the Jew charge sheet.

    You’ll know of that UN truck driver who was killed a couple of days ago. He was delivering aid when he was targeted driving into the Gaza Strip.

    The UN and world’s MSM fingered Israel, which was condemned. God knows how much bad feeling this whips up eh, and why not if they target truck drivers delivering aid?

    Even if you only read ATW you’d have known about it since a few Left Wing regulars beat up Israel over it.

    Unfortunately, the UN, the world’s MSM and many a Lefty has libelled Israel since the IDF wasn’t responsible:


    It turns out that some other armed faction killed the UN truck driver delivering aid into the Gaza strip. Who else apart from the IDF would be armed and dangerous in the Gaza Strip right now? Any ideas?

    Not only that, but the (Palestinian) wounded were treated in Israel by Israelis.

    I’m sure those on the Left who are concerned with right and justice will pile in now to condemn these lies about Israel and the IDF.

  23. Troll

    Firstly I believe Hamas got 46% of the vote on a low turnout in elections that were the first genuine elections ever in Gaza. They siezed full power by an old fashioned violent coup not overwhelming public support. I doubt very much if the majority of ordinary men women and children care that much for the political ‘struggle’ against Israel, they just want to do wht the vast majority of ordinary people want to do , live eat and thrive as best they can in the circumstances . The vast majority of Gazans are innocent people.

    Just becaue Hamas have managed to sieze and hold power does not mean that there are no innocent Gazans just as the fact that Mugabe and Zanu hold power means that all Zimbabweans are ‘guilty’.

  24. "Your starting to think like an Islamist"

    Well done Troll, now you realise exactly how close your views are to the Islamofascists.

  25. Pete:

    "Yeah alright, your silly ad homs aside"

    And those were?

    (This from someone who called another "Oirish Barry".)

  26. Thank God this lot stay away from the peaceful and dignified protests that regularly take place against Mugabe in central London, but I still don’t understand why in the eyes of the left some causes are more legitimate than others. Or why they need to vent their "uncontainable anger" against UK police and damage property.

  27. "Any thoughts on now many of the 800 "souls" were Hamas terrorists? "

    No idea but some of those babies looked pretty scary don’t you think?

  28. Irish Barry –

    Your ad hom was "I doubt if DV cares much about those 800+ souls."

    As I said, it’s silly to say such a thing. The more interesting part is why you comment on David Vance’s site if you believe it.

    But not interesting enough for me.

  29. Yeah they do. Would those be like the baby reappearing in different shots with two different fathers days apart claiming the baby had just been injured? What kind of sick people do that. Or the undead boy in the hands of a Norwegian doctor, the latest piece of fauxtography. For so much death over there why do they need to double up and lie?

  30. Pete:

    "Your ad hom was "I doubt if DV cares much about those 800+ souls."

    DV has just admitted that he cares only about the IDF in Gaza and not a single Gazan. Seems I was correct so no adhom.

    On the other hand, your own ad hominem was to respond unprovoked with "Oirish Barry". How was this relevant to the discussion?

  31. Oh for crying out loud, he’s going to chase me around the houses …

    Irish Barry –

    It was a send up of your tag. Your Irishness is so important that ‘Barry’ will not do.

    Well, don’t be surprised when someone tweaks your nose. Enquire further if you like, I can’t be bothered saying more on it.

    – English Pete

  32. Jimmy,

    The babies couldn’t have bee THAT scary since Hamas were courageous enough to use them, and their mothers, for cover.

    Irish Barry,

    I care for those who are revolted by Islamic savagery of the sort personified by Hamas. Is that too tough a concept? Whoever you are.

  33. Pete:

    "It was a send up of your tag. Your Irishness is so important that ‘Barry’ will not do."

    No, because another posts under the tag "British Barry". You wouldn’t want to confuse us now would you?

    You’re guilty of an ad hom. Why not simply admit it and move on? Oh, you can’t because you’re in the same camp as …

    David Vance:

    I also am revolted by Islamist savagery. I’m also revolted by the deaths of (as of now) more than 840 human beings on one side and a mere 13 or 14 on the other.

    I appreciate that this could be a tough concept for a 100% biased person like yourself.

  34. David

    Harry’s Place has a major report.

    CHants of “Hey! Ho! Israel Has Gotta Go”, Al Qaeda supporters, Nazi swastikas on display with Jewish stars taunting the Jews with Holocaust allegations (apparently) alongside Iranian flags…islamic prayer mixed with violence too. Whodathunkit!

  35. David:

    "Harry’s Place tells it like it is – pure anti-Semitism, care of those Irish Barry’s heart bleeds for."

    No, it doesn’t. Harry couldn’t even understand the significance of the swastika eclipsing the Star of David.

    Yes, my heart bleeds for the dead. Do you think it should not?

  36. There were similar scenes in Oslo outside the US embassy. It was noticeable that there were far fewer native Norwegians in the march and accompanying riot than would be expected: this appears to be the case in London. What it indicates to me is that the natives of the west are beginning to realise what having such people living in our midst in large numbers will actually mean.

    If you want to see what Pakistanis/Arabs/Africans/ any 3rd world group/ etc, just look at the places where they come from and that’s what’s coming to your neighbourhood. I know that my Norwegian colleagues were a bit annoyed about seeing the streets of their capital city trashed by 3rd-worlders who have no historic links to Norway.

  37. Allan,

    Yes, a lot of those doing the rioting in London, as per my most recent post, are not British but they live amongst us. You make a point.

    Irish Barry,

    Terrorists deserve all they get. The more of them are killed the better the chances of peace. In this battle between the forces of civilisation (Israel) and dark ages savagery (Hamas), I am clear where I stand. From your moral equivocation, it is clear where you stand.

  38. David:

    "Terrorists deserve all they get. The more of them are killed the better the chances of peace."

    Please indicate where this has worked in the past. I see only more would-be "martyrs" queuing up to take the places of dead terrorists.

    "From your moral equivocation, it is clear where you stand."

    Excuse me? You’re the one demanding bloodshed. On Sunday too!

  39. >>guess that’s the end of that thread.<<

    Barry, the limp lion has been successfully bearded in his den on many threads lately!

  40. Noel:

    "Barry, the limp lion has been successfully bearded in his den on many threads lately!"

    Maybe we can civilise him yet.

  41. Take your country back before it is too late. Get off your arse (I think that’s how you brits say it). elect the fascist bastards that you know will help you ethnically cleanse your country of all these Asians.

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