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Is this what politics is reduced to at this time?

A Republican politician has landed himself in hot water after making some ungentlemanly remarks about the size of Michelle Obama’s bottom.

Republican Jim Sensenbrenner was heard making the unflattering comments during a mobile telephone conversation at Washington DC’s Reagan National Airport. The rotund 67 year-old explained to the person on the phone how a woman had approached him at a church auction three weeks ago with nothing but praise for the US First Lady. Speaking loudly, he then reportedly went on to say: “She [Mrs Obama] lectures us on eating right while she has a large posterior herself.”

Two quick points. One, if Michelle wants to act as the Nation’s dietician she deserves all she gets, and Two, I note the media itself classifies Sensabrenner as “rotund”….touch of double standards from the caring sharing MSM? Also, I note this was a private conversation overheard and reported!

BUT I couldn’t care less about the proportions of Michell Obama’s posterior. In fact I couldn’t care less about Michelle Obama. It’s her husband that bothers me, President Narcissus. However, since it is the holiday season, I thought this was the only image worth sharing…

first lady Michelle Obama address the crowd

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12 thoughts on “ROCK BOTTOM

  1. This is the sort of post that is tailor made for smutty comments.. which is of course why I shall be keeping well away from it 😉

  2. If someone made a stupid comment about Nancy Reagan rightwingers would be crying for blood. When will they ever learn?

  3. Mahons,

    Has Nancy Reagan got a large posterior? I doubt it. I remember when she made some comment about Astrologers and suchlike, she was mocked for that, rightly so, as Mars in conjunction with Venus adroitly demonstrates.

    PS Irish Eagle warned me that you might not like my assertion that Springsteen’s “Santa Claus is coming to town” is a crime against music. Oh yes. So I thought I would draw it to your attention.

  4. It’s terribly ungentlemanly of this Sensenbrenner.

    But since we’re talking about her arse, it’s not bad at all for a 47 year old. I’ve seen worse.

  5. Michelle Obama is a fine looking woman, probably the nicest First Lady since JackieK.

    Her detractors can get used to looking at her backside for some time to come.

    Let her fart in their faces.

  6. There is nothing on the face that is more stupid and buffoonish than a partisan Republican, unless it’s a partisan Democrat.

    This is Exhibit 1,000,000,000 why most people loathe politics and politicians and their toadies and paymasters.

  7. David – A comment about astrology (or any other topic) is certainly fair play for comment. When Michelle Obama makes a statement that is of the wall, people are free to comment on that. But base attacks on someone’s physical appearance (putting aside that I think most Americans don’t share the Congressman’s opinion) is vulgar and common.

    Also, it is poltically foolish insult from someone in a Party that wants to attract women voters and claims it has some special grip on manners, morals and family values.

  8. As for Springsteen’s Santa Claus is Coming To Town, I don’t find it to be among his better efforts, his singing is so off that one might compare it to Elvis Costello.

  9. Republicans have a long history of attacking Democrat ” first ladies ”

    It’s their favorite thing to do.

  10. Michelle Obama is a beautiful and accomplished woman.

    She looks extremely well for a lady of her age. She is a class act.

    Just like Laura Bush was.

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