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  1. The NRA has called for armed guards at every school in the USA. It’s great to see that they are so on touch with reality.

  2. “The NRA has called for armed guards at every school in the USA”

    Oh so has david vance but he wants big government to pay, imv if the NRA want guns on every school they need to shell out the money for what they propose not the taxpayer..

    As for guns keeping people safe, Lanza’s mother had lots of guns and look how safe they made her..

  3. KO

    The Koch brothers will pay for the guards, out of the billions they make from the GOP tax cuts. It’s not like they couldn’t give a shit about their country, they are fine tax-dodging patriots, beloved by Rightworld. And they rightly denounce AGW as a commie scam. Their vast coal resources will save the planet.

  4. Peter –

    No need to introduce the red herrings. The Koch Bruvs and tax-dodging and AGW is all by the by.

    The media (and you now) ridiculed the NRA for suggesting something which Bill the Rapist has already funded and which Barbara Boxer supports.

    Come on, the media again reveals the agenda.

  5. Peter –

    I’m not defending the NRA; the idea of posting armed guards in schools is absurd.

    I’m waiting for you (and the media, and the Left in general) to own up to your hypocrisy and admit that you berated the NRA not because of its idea, but because of what you think it stands for, while squirming that Clinton funded the very same thing and that Boxer agrees with it.

    Come on, drop the pretense, knock off the rhetoric, say what you think, stand with those who agree with it and disagree with opponents – whoever they are.

  6. http://blog.al.com/wire/2012/12/connecticut_elementary_school.html

    – 2:15 p.m. CST — The Associated Press reports: A law enforcement official says the suspect in the Connecticut school shootings is 24-year-old Ryan Lanza and that his younger brother is being held for questioning as a possible second shooter. The law enforcement official said the boys’ mother, Nancy Lanza, works at the school as a teacher. The official also said Ryan Lanza’s girlfriend and another friend are missing in New Jersey. –

    An absolute pack of lies distributed for the likes of kateyo to soak up. We are told that the suspect’s mother works as a teacher at the school and that she is a ‘survivalist’. Survivalists don’t live in huge mansions and work for Morgan Stanley as top-level brokers. But she got four bullets in the head from somebody who definitely wanted her dead in the manner of Jean de Menezes.

    If anybody is going to argue against the public having guns, make sure that the events which persuade you of that case bear scrutiny for this is a pack of lies abetted by the controlled MSM.

  7. Pete

    Yes, good pic. But we all know what the NRA stands for: totally unrestricted gun ownership. And it has bought enough politicians to ensure that it has no worries. A school massacre a week would be a price worth paying.

  8. Peter – can you provide evidence that the NRA has bought enough politicians to get what it wants?

  9. Typical nonsense. The President is a target and requires protection. We don’t need to turn into Dodge City.

  10. The NRA is backed by millions of frightened out of their skin Americans. And there are more extreme organizations than them on the issue.

    They propose an armed camp society that few would want to live in.

    Its bad here. Europe and Canada have their issues, but you will never have this problem. You are safer and freer than we are.

  11. Guns, that all to easily get in the hands of the mentally unstable, make us less safe. I hope that the guns in the picture are not likely to get into such hands.

  12. Aileen –

    The secret service will take a bullet for the most corrupt people in the country. The guns in the picture are already in the hands of the insane.

  13. Mahons –

    Maybe someone should ask why those who are deified in life and imbued with the powers of the emperors are targets.

    In truth, if presidents abided by their oaths of office no-one would care who did the job.

  14. The NRA is backed by millions of frightened out of their skin Americans. And there are more extreme organizations than them on the issue. They propose an armed camp society that few would want to live in.

    Phantom – can you provide evidence in support of those points, these being:

    1. that the NRA is backed by millions of frigntened Americans (I’m not disputing this one btw – we differ on who is doing the frightening?)

    2. that there are more ‘extreme’ groups than the NRA and

    3. that the NRA proposes an armed camp society.

  15. “The NRA is backed by millions of frightened out of their skin Americans.”

    Says the man who won’t get on a plane without some thieving perv raping him first. That’s real fear.

    The NRA has 4.3 million voluntary members. The government/media complex is backed by 300 million tax-serfs who are certainly living in a progressively worse police state. The NRA is truly puny in comparison.

  16. The NRA has some reasonable people in it and others who are as paranoid as Pete. Its leadership is tone deaf (due in great part to success at lobbying) and hopefully they will have less influence as reasonable people seek effective remedies for the gun violence problem.

  17. Have any members of the NRA committed any of the spate of massacres in the disarmed zones where they took place? If not, then surely membership of the NRA should be a prerequiste for gun ownership as it shows the applicant certain to be a responsible gun-owner?

    If the massacre of children in a school doesn’t provide the emotional impetus for disarming the American public then what will happen next is for a NRA-membered, white Christian ‘gun-nut’ (selected patsy) to take out somebody very important. This is a very ominous cover of Time magazine:

    The Choice: TIME’s Person of the Year

  18. there is no gun violence problem. There is a criminal problem and the leftists that coddle them.

    The two cities with the highest gun violence in the US are the two cities with the strictest gun laws.

    Your emotions don’t outweigh facts.

    The american public votes with it’s pocketbook. This week the week after this criminal lunatic murdered children and politicians blamed the guns for the crime instead of the failure of the courts and the mental health system. The American public has made this the largest week in history in the sale of firearms.

    You lose

  19. No Troll, it’s the American people who will lose if you continue down the route of turning into a paranoid gun hoarding culture. That isn’t healthy for any society.

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