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“The Neo-Conservative Era is Dead”

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity has been launched, and doesn’t the world need it. According to the media advisory:

The Ron Paul Institute will focus on the two issues most important to Dr. Paul, education and coming generations. It will fill the growing demand for information on foreign affairs from a non-interventionist perspective through a lively and diverse website, and will provide unique educational opportunities to university students and others […]

The ill-advised policies pushed by the neo-cons have everywhere led to chaos and destruction, and to a hatred of the United States and its people. Multi-trillion dollar wars have not made the world a safer place; they have only bankrupted our economic future. The Ron Paul Institute will provide the tools and the education to chart a new course with the understanding that only through a peaceful foreign policy can we hope for a prosperous tomorrow.

RT covered it this way:

I get the feeling that the new institute, with its full curriculum for home-schoolers providing real education, might just be a winner. Backed by Lew Rockwell, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Prof Walter Block, Prof Robert Higgs, Michael Scheuer and Prof Butler Shaffer, it’s packed with real heavyweight talent too.

Here’s the institute website

Here’s the institute facebook page

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  1. All hail the eternal but never elected dear leader – long may the sun shine from his glorious backside 🙂

  2. Never more needed. The neocons are openly lusting after a new war.

    Here is an interesting summary of what they stand for:
    “Today, both conservatives and neocons favor a robust US military. But most conservatives express greater reservations about military intervention and so-called nation building. Neocons share no such reluctance. The post 9/11-campaigns against regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq demonstrate that the neocons are not afraid to force regime change and reshape hostile states in the American image. Neocons believe the US must do to whatever it takes to end state-supported terrorism. For most, this means an aggressive push for democracy in the Middle East. Even after 9/11, many other conservatives, particularly in the isolationist wing, view this as an overzealous dream with nightmarish consequences.

    Neocons envision a world in which the United States is the unchallenged superpower, immune to threats. They believe that the US has a responsibility to act as a “benevolent global hegemon.” In this capacity, the US would maintain an empire of sorts by helping to create democratic, economically liberal governments in place of “failed states” or oppressive regimes they deem threatening to the US or its interests. In the neocon dream world the entire Middle East would be democratized in the belief that this would eliminate a prime breeding ground for terrorists. This approach, they claim, is not only best for the US; it is best for the world. In their view, the world can only achieve peace through strong US leadership backed with credible force, not weak treaties to be disrespected by tyrants.

    Any regime that is outwardly hostile to the US and could pose a threat would be confronted aggressively, not “appeased” or merely contained. The US military would be reconfigured around the world to allow for greater flexibility and quicker deployment to hot spots in the Middle East, as well as Central and Southeast Asia. The US would spend more on defense, particularly for high-tech, precision weaponry that could be used in preemptive strikes.”

    In other words, Troll is a neocon, whatever he thinks.

  3. So long as Ron Paul keeps his yap shut about subjects that he knows nothing about ( money, the economy, international affairs ) he can say what he likes.

  4. “Institute for Peace and Prosperity”

    I thought the name was a satire at first.

    Why not “Institute for Peace and Prosperity and Happiness and Free Sex for Everyone”?

  5. Over Here April Fools Day is April 1. I see in England it must be April 18th. Funny Post Pete.

  6. Pete Moore is obviously being tongue in cheek. There is no way this stalwart Essexman would ever support an organisation with such a utopian name.

  7. Dunno

    There is a well observed cult-like worship of him among many of his supporters.

    There are enough of them to keep this baloney mill well stocked in pens and paper for some time.

  8. I know Pete admires the verbal ideas that Ron Paul espouses, but I also sense that his ‘idolatry’ of the dear one here on ATW is deliberately designed to provoke some of the regulars here.

  9. Maggie was with Essex Man, Essex Man was with Maggie.

    Colm –

    Bookmark the institute pages, drop in now and then, see what it’s about sometimes, read a page occasionally. You never now what might come of it.

  10. Pete – as we have agreed several times previously, Ron Paul had amassed plentiful evidence of vote-rigging and fraud against him during the primary campaign of the recent Presidential election to have brought the GOP’s Establishment to a losing ourt case. Ron Paul did nothing with it at all. He’s a diversion.

  11. Never eat at a place called “Mom’s.” Never play poker with a man called “Doc.” Never sleep with a woman whose troubles are greater than your own

    …..and never trust a political party or institution with “Peace” or “Freedom” in its name.

  12. One of the biggest problems with Obama’s lies – for example, Benghazi – is that most people have now lost trust in him and his spokespeople.

    – the Boston bombing is a good example with conspiracy theories growing about a Saudi etc.

  13. Which is why he was re-elected and has a higher popularity rating than any Republican.

  14. He seems pretty lame duck to me….and in a real proper snit over his gun control loss.

  15. So the vote rigging and fraud was in furtherance of a diversion….imbecile.

    Whenever there is the appearance of conflict, both sides are controlled – imbecile. Emphasis on ‘appearance’.

    Do you think that there are real differences between Republicans and Democrats, Labour and Conservatives, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney? Totally staged distraction.

  16. Mr Paul has zero attraction to the educated voter. His theories are built on sand, all of Them. There’s no there there.

    He never came close to winning any primary elections, though his Moonies did better in the easier to manipulate caucuses.

  17. Allan@Aberdeen –

    In the end it would have been bad tactics. His budget was limited and multiple legal actions in multiple jurisdictions (the GOP is organised locally) would have eaten it up and been a huge distraction.

    All along he said his point was to get his message out and to educate. Being remembered as the candidate who issued a dozen lawsuits would have completely negated that.

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