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Conservative carnival barker Rush Limbaugh was taken to the hospital complaining of chest pains.  Since I am a firm believer in the phrase “only the good die young” I am fairly confident he’ll pull through. 

Apparently Rush has been vacationing in Hawaii like his political idol President Obama.   There is no word as to the cause of the Rotund One’s chest pain, perhaps the Kahala Hotel announced that the resort’s weekend luaus did not have sufficient red spareribs and mashed ripe bananas to meet his needs.   Perhaps Hawaiian Pharmacies wouldn’t take a note from his mother?  A poorly made Mai Tai?  Maybe his caddy was white. 

Actually the idea that his golfing at the Waialae Country Club brought it on would make him the most unfortunate golfer this year, save perhaps Tiger Woods.

In reality, I don’t wish Limbaugh the unhappy end he has wished on others.  I hope he recovers and returns to milking his angry followers by exploiting their need for feelings of superiority and stroking their resentments.   If it wasn’t Limbaugh it would be someone else.  So here is to the speedy recovery of the sad man and may his health care experience be a pleasant one.     

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37 thoughts on “Rush to Judgment Day?

  1. I wonder will Rush get to sing his (non-racist) song "Barack the Magic Negro" when he finally goes to the great studio in the sky?

    Get well soon Rush. Sarah needs your support.

  2. mahons

    A friend was in from Switzerland last night and we had a few jars at Jeremys Ale House

    We need to get you and maybe Fewsorange there one of these days

  3. Rush has never wished physical harm to anyone unlike well known liberals like Keith Oberman and Howard Stern

    It really galls you that the man ahs the largest audience out any show on any media in the world. Proving what is the majority of thought outside the waco lefty fringe

  4. Michael Savage is the best conservative radio guy out there.

    He is the sublime intellectual while Rush is a angry hollerin’ man waving his arms around.

    Britain won’t ban Limbaugh because he doesn’t touch the hot stuff that Savage addresses fearlessly.

    Savage – accept no substitutes

  5. Oh here they come, the famously kind and generous liberals.

    Ted Kennedy killed a woman, looted a fortune from those who would have been incarcerated had they tried to keep their money and spent his days plundering from ideological enemies on behalf of his client base and corrupt friends.

    ‘Liberals’ were upset when he died.

    As far as I can tell Limbaugh hasn’t stolen a dollar from a fellow American nor curtailed a single American liberty.

    Cue ‘liberal’ sniggers when he becomes ill.

    What a strange world it is.

  6. The fat man

    –mocked the physical appearance of a young Chelsea Clinton who had done him no wrong

    — basically said that Michael J Fox was exaggerating his Parkinsons Disease condition

    Now, that’s class!

  7. That’s not true.

    I’m not his biggest fan but I have heard him many times over the years.

  8. Ha!

    I don’t believe you live in California since you didn’t know Ahnold was term limited and could not run again.

  9. If Rush had waited until Obamacare kicked in, Mr Mahons would no doubt be writing how grateful he is to be contributing towards Rush’s care and recovery.

  10. I wish Meg Whitman well. She may be exactly what California needs.Though that state like NY is now an ungovernable beast – the unions are organized, and the taxpayers are not.

  11. — What you’ll never hear Michael J. Fox say about Rush Limbaugh. "Either he didn’t take his medication or he’s acting." —

    — I didn’t know Rush had a heart to have an attack.–

    –TMZ’s epitaph for Rush – “Shoulda laid off the prescription drugs, pork chops and 64oz of Haterade a day”. —

    ( stolen from twitter, who probably stole it elsewhere )


    Will Obama visit Rush in hospital?

  12. I’ve listened to Rush Limbaugh only rarely but I found him able to argue coherently and fluently. His recent speech to a Republican forum a few months ago was a tour-de-force. I can understand why the left would wish his early demise.

  13. Mahons: not to put to fine a point on it, but I’ll wager you’ve never listened to Rush either.

  14. yeah he can’t take it, the most maligned personality in history who has even been attacked and lied about by two Presidents and an entire congress not to mention the main stream media…LOL

    Yet still #1

    The party of compasion who even immeadiatly listed him as dead on wikipedia, ahh the compasionate left. Your hypocracy knows no bounds

  15. Mahons –

    Who said Limbaugh can’t take it? Of course he can. The barbs probably make him chuckle.

    I was talking about his compassionate ideological enemies. On the simple facts of their lives, Rush Limbaugh is an incomparably better and more moral man than Ted Kennedy, yet the compassionate Left went into mourning for Kennedy and are (probably) wishing the worst on Limbaugh.

    As I said, it’s a funny old world.

  16. Patty – you’d lose that wager. I certainly am no regular listener (a litttle dose is enough). I wish he had a better sense of humor and didn’t feel the need to dumb down to his audience. He has a canny knack for a kind of entertainment, but precious little understanding of history or sense of homor. I was touched that he had asked Bill Buckley to provide him with a reading list so he could work on his bona fides.

    Troll – Won’t Hitler, Mao and Ghengis Khan be disappointed to have someone more maligned than them? Like other radio presonalities of yore he has quite a following (Father Coughlin comes to mind). But the facts tha tmillions tune him on doesn’t mean they are getting anything of real value, just like the millions who go to McDonald’s aren’t getting very healthy food.

  17. Pete – I hope he gets a good chuckle, after all laughter is the best medicine. It is actually some of his supporters who have demonstrated that they can’t take it.

  18. I don’t wish El Rushbo ( the guy I’ve never heard! On WABC 77 am New York in the afternoon! ) any ill, and have defended him on these pages when I felt that he was being unfairly attacked.

    But i think he’s a bigmouth gesticulating semi-comedian and not a lot more.

    And I have always been critical of Ted Kennedy for Chappaquiddick, as have as I recall most or all of the other " libs " here. It was a stain that he could never and should never have been able to remove.

  19. Lefty hate of Rush is as expected as their love of Fat Teddy the felon. Mahons and the Phantom are just jealous of Rush’s success as a self made American. They only wish they were as successful.
    Rush is one of the best on analysis of contemporary US politics. Rush will be bigger than ever in 2010!

  20. Seen elsewhere:

    "The people calling for Rush Limbaugh to die are the same people who ask to control your healthcare."

  21. Mahons and Phantom: yeah, real funny. A conservative radio host has a heart attack. hahaha. splitting my sides.

    even though neither of you listen to him – of this I am sure – he supposedly "deserves" it? what kind of men are you?

  22. Who said that he deserves to have a heart attack or any other ailment?

    Are you on crack?

    Who said that? Not me, and not mahons

    You have a great ability to add one and one together and come up with the square root of 81

    Gotta go

    The office is empty, my work is done, so I can leave with a clear conscience!

  23. That sounds even worse. You don’t think Rush deserves his personal misfortune but you find it funny anyway?

    oh well. Happy New Year.

  24. I find it side splitting hilarious that Rush who constantly demeans people has provided me with a delicious opportunity to mock him.

    For example, look how it brings out the nimrods like WestWright who proclaims Rush will be bigger than ever in 2010 (no doubt given the man’s eating habits).

  25. Phantom is the only Right supporting commenter on this thread who has shown the broad ability to accept Mahons humorous posting. The rest of you have proved the same dreary predictability that you accuse the left of. Phantom could teach you all how not to be so one dimensional.

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