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Nanny is always keen to help you. She knows better, you see.

Salt shakers are being removed from counters and table-tops at curry houses, fish and chip shops and cafes in a council-backed health drive. It means thousands of customers in Greater Manchester will have to specifically ask for salt if they want to add it to their food.

It comes just months before supermarkets are due to remove cigarette displays nationwide under a Government-enforced ban. Corner shops will have to remove tobacco from sight by 2015.

So much to ban, so little time…

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9 thoughts on “SALT BANNED….

  1. If I cannot get salt easily in a take away or a cafe , then they can keep their food . If they have not got the guts to tell Greater Manchester councils to take a hike then they do not deserve my money .

  2. Yet another myth from Nanny. Do a little Google, see the many, many papers on salt and health and make your own mind up. Just remember that, with all our health scares and fads, we are living longer than man/woman has ever lived before.

  3. Peter T –

    Bang on. That salt is on the naughty step is a clue that the salt industry is pretty clean from corruption.

  4. Could any of you staunch opponents of “the nanny state” please explain to me why it is “nanny state” to restrict tobacco in public places but not “nanny state” to ban smoking weed in the privacy of your own home?

    Go on, have a go.

  5. Have you worked with kids addicted to weed? Very different from kids addicted to tobacco.

  6. Great point. We should only think of effect on children when deciding whether to ban things. Forthwith I am calling for the banning of whisky, sex, cars and heavy machinery.

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