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Welcome boys and girls to my exclusive ATW Samsung Galaxy S4 review. You might recall that I was due an upgrade on my phone. Vodafone has been sending me emails for four years titled “You’re due an upgrade”, and I’ve been deleting them on the assumption they’re spam. When I popped into a Vodafone shop recently to ask if I am due an upgrade, the nice young lady told me I’ve been due one for years.

So here’s my review of the S4: it’s mental!

Given that my last phone didn’t even have a camera, and this is a top draw smartphone, it’s quite some upgrade. I knew immediately I’d never figure it all out, but I didn’t know it’d take me three days to learn how to answer the phone. There’s me stabbing the green phone thingy and all along ‘you have to swipe it’, as a nice lady a good twenty years my senior showed me when she came to my rescue the other day.

I’ll also have to figure out how to turn off all those things which google, facebook, GCHQ, the CIA, the NSA and the Feds like you to keep open. It’s quite frightening the range of permissions which some of the things on it demand. The GPS has to be on, otherwise the sat nav won’t work (obviously), and I needs a good sat nav.

20131117_130920_Richtone(HDR)It takes a nice snap as well. There’s the view today, in the thumbnail, up Bedlam Bottom which is near one of The Wallops (hey, this is England, we like our funny place names). Even on a very gloomy Sunday morning here in the ancient kingdom of Wessex it can pick out a few colours, so it’ll be handy when I don’t have the camera with me.

The pace of technological change is quite bewildering to a non-tech head like me. This thing doesn’t even need to be touched to perform some functions. It scrolls web pages up and down automatically according to your eye movement and pauses videos when you look away. It’s quite spooky. Wish me luck, the future’s here and I’m going to need it.

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27 thoughts on “SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 REVIEW

  1. A smart phone is only as smart as the idiot using it Pete.

    My kids bought me one for my birthday last May. I lost count of the amount of times it was almost smashed up against the nearest wall.

  2. I feel your pain Pete. I missed my first two calls because I was poking as opposed to swiping. I had to google it in the end.

    I haven’t got to grips with mine (Samgung Fame) and I find it too small to surf on. I would like to use it as pedestrian Satnav. I only tend to use internet on it to check bus arrivals.

  3. “I’ll also have to figure out how to turn off all those things which google, facebook, GCHQ, the CIA, the NSA and the Feds like you to keep open. It’s quite frightening the range of permissions which some of the things on it demand. ”

    So you obviously don’t need it otherwise you wouldn’t want to turn off all those things you don’t want. 😉
    Get a decent digi camera, a basic phone and a decent nav and put them all in a back pack.
    Your problem is sol-ved.

  4. I’ve had my iphone since last x-mas and only recently started using it with confidence. I still miss calls, digging through my purse for the damn thing, trying to swipe while driving.

    Way too much technology for my meager needs. I do admit to falling in love with texting, makes it easier to keep on top of my kid’s crazy, ever-changing schedules. And the camera is grand!

  5. There are no good cell phones.

    When you get a mobile that gives you the same audio quality as a land line, that will be the first good cell phone.

  6. I still haven’t got a smartphone. My mobile has no net capabilities and isn’t even a touch screen. People look at me when I am using it as if I am a time traveller from the past 😉

  7. Colm

    I had a micky mouse job phone like that before I retired. Funny how advances in mobile phones made the phones smaller and smaller. Handbags started to be made with a wee phone compartment. Now phones are two big for these compartments.

  8. Daphne

    I still miss calls, digging through my purse for the damn thing, trying to swipe while driving.

    You should get a hands-free kit Daphne. Messing with the phone while driving can be very dangerous. We wouldn’t like to lose you.

  9. Seriously? ATW is filled with Luddites?

    I’m no techie but Bluetooth + iPhone = Happiness.

    Music, photos, text messages, Angry Bird game, Gas Buddy for the cheapest gas location, apps for traffic snarls in real time, Mapquest, reminders, calculators, internet access, my email ….oh, and a phone, to boot!!

    I like my phone so much that I dress it up in different outfits cases just for fun.

  10. Seriously? ATW is filled with Luddites?

    Out and Proud Patty 🙂

    I was at a meeting about a year ago that involved 4 of our IT bods. Before the meeting started they were discussing phones and were all in agreement that “the S3 is far better than the IPhone”. I had no idea what an S3 was but remembered the convo when I came to get my phone, 🙂

  11. I don’t want to spend my life tangled in wires with a tinny sound coming from my ears and my eyes glued to a little metal brick that clicks and beeps and tempts me to swipe furiously all the time hoping that someone is nudging or tweeting or poking me !

    When out and about I want to smell the flowers, look at life around me and I prefer to nudge real people in the streets ,listen to real birds tweeting , and as for poking… we’ll leave that bit to one side 😉

  12. The landline phone is a superior technology.

    It delivers infinitely better sound quality.

    The only advantage of a mobile is its mobility. If you’re at home, it is a much lesser product than the ” old fashioned ” landline.

  13. huh? let’s not be intentionally ignorant, ok?

    Landlines function only as telephones.

    Mobile phones function as mini computers as well as phones. Big difference.

  14. I walk to work because that big bad noisy machine called the auto-something makes a loud, scawwy growling noise and it smells all funny and oily.

    …and what’s with all the funny birdlike thingees in the sky, flying around?

    flying machines??? is it possible???

  15. I know what they are, my quarrelsome pet.

    A mobile phone is primarily a phone. That’s why they call them phones. When they invent the first one with a good audio signal, you let me know.

    ( BTW, the audio quality in the US is generally worse than in Europe and much worse than in China, due to excessive signal compression by the US companies )

  16. Patty

    Pigeons ? Come on, there’s anew fangled way of sending messages. Have it telegraphed. It only costs 2 cents at the local post office 🙂

  17. Has anyone looked at any old letters recently? Letters written in the days when people used to think before writing and tried to present their ideas clearly?
    If the writer wasn’t sure of a word, he’d look up the spelling rather than write something that is wrong, such was the respect for the reader and for the English language back then.

    Someone in my family moved into a new/old house in Dublin some time ago. There we found a box of old love letters a man had written to his fiancee before she became his wife. Although the man wasn’t particularly well educated, his letters were perfectly and simply written, and full of the charm of courtship in those days.
    A joy to read.

    The medium makes the message, and I rather suspect that this electro junk, as attractive as some of it is, will close as many doors as it opens.

  18. Much of modern written communication is high tech gruntimg.

    Writing well, or striving to write well can lead to exactness, precision, and if you’re lucky, beauty.

    I’m not sure where texting or tweeting leads us.

  19. Let it be known, then, that the Conservative on this site (me) understands, defends and in all ways groks science and new technologies – embracing the future…while the Liberal Progressives on this thread (Noel, Colm, Phantom) shrink from the new and cling bitterly to the past….

  20. Patty.

    I think I fall more on the Liberal side, and I’m extremely technologically advanced. (I wrote my first iPhone app last week.)

  21. I use all the technologies spoken of.

    Can’t write an app, but I’ve written macros for Excel!

  22. Dave – I was kind of being tongue-in-cheek.

    Liberal Statist Progressive rhetoric puts forth the notion that Conservatives (small government) stand in the way of “progress.” “Progress” requires governmental solutions because we are too big for the old ways and we have to progress forward with new statist organization.

    Also, the environmentalist (statist) propagandizes that the those who do not embrace the global warming rhetoric are anti-science.

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