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A cafe at the South Street Seaport is destroyed.

It’s been one year since Superstorm Sandy hit the Northeast.

I work the Seaport area of lower Manhattan. Many of the smaller businesses here won’t come back – they tossed in the towel long ago.

Bridge Cafe, an small, old restaurant, won’t be open until February.

But there are shoots of hope as wintertime nears.

Il Brigante has had a flurry of construction work, and I hope to see this informal Italian reopened soon.

And a little over a week ago, Suteishi, a quality, inexpensive sushi place and my lovely , historic Paris Cafe finally reopened. I liberated Paris on their first day reopened, over chicken wings and Guinness.

Here’s hope that more of these places make it.

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7 thoughts on “The Liberation of Paris

  1. Well fuck ’em all if insurance and finance industry employees provide the bulk of their business profits.

    Do I have to say I was being sarcastic?

  2. They used to have plenty of trade from the crew at the Fulton Fish Market. Those guys got off work in the morning, thirsty from handling fish all night.

    They moved the fish market up to the Bronx in 2005, after a 170 year run in lower Manhattan.

  3. bars and restaurants are hard work, they need good luck and hard work. May they blessed with both.

  4. I have been to that fine bar a few times. The bar itself is a national treasure, made from one piece of wood if I recall the myth correctly.

  5. Running a good bar or restaurant is indeed damned hard work. I admire anyone with the guts to open one. Most restaurants don’t make it until year one, not sure the percentage of bars.

    Here is more detail on Paris Cafe over the past year. They were originally supposed to open in June.

    According to the restaurant’s fundraising page, the Bridge Cafe team had to replace all the kitchen equipment, plus 85 percent of the wood frame in the basement.


    Paris Cafe owner Peter O’Connell thinks that it will take him five years to make back the $1 million he spent repairing the bar after Hurricane Sandy. The good news is that Paris Cafe has been busy since it reopened. [DNAinfo]

    The Paris is an anchor to this area. Its being open will help all the other ” little guys “.

    The reason that the Bridge Cafe is taking so long to reopen is that the owner is doing everything possible to keep as many of the original fixtures as possible, and that is time consuming.

  6. Home Page

    Il Brigante, an informal, cheap, Italian restaurant reopened 2 weeks ago. I had a superb spaghetti carbonara there last week.


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