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Mission accomplished!   Now where have we heard that song before?




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7 thoughts on “Say that again, Sam

  1. Agit8,

    You win the prize for the best comment of the week.

    First prize…….a week in Kabul.

    Second prize……..two weeks in Kabul

  2. Well thank you very much.
    Seeing as we haven’t had a holiday this year I accept.

    On condition that we take the first prize and Petrkin the second.
    It will be a fine opportunity for him to do some research into Talibanic grievances..

  3. If we had let his Soviets keep Afghanistan we might have avoided a whole host of bad things, including this war.

  4. Long time back, when at sea, my mate swore blind that his tale was true.

    He used to listen to Radio Moscow, and regaled us with some of the wilder tales from the ‘Station with the Truth’. He reckoned he heard:-

    Moscow Sports announcer…………’Our world-breaking athlete, Ivan Ivanovitch, has broken many world records; the 100 yards, the 220 yards, the quarter mile, the mile and the marathon’ all in the same tone of elation; then his voice changed and he went on: ‘but all his efforts were in vain, he was captured, and brought back to Moscow’

  5. He used to listen to Radio Moscow, and regaled us with some of the wilder tales from the ‘Station with the Truth’. He reckoned he heard:-

    There are quite a few of these apocryphal stories knocking around from that era.

    Here’s another..

    Ivanov applied to the Communist Party. The party committee conducts an interview.

    “Comrade Ivanov, do you smoke?”

    “Yes, I do a little.”

    “Do you know that comrade Lenin did not smoke and advised other communists not to smoke?”

    “If comrade Lenin said so, I shall cease smoking.”

    “Do you drink?”

    “Yes, a little.”

    “Comrade Lenin strongly condemned drunkenness.”

    “Then I shall cease drinking.”

    “Comrade Ivanov, what about women?”

    “A little….”

    “Do you know that comrade Lenin strongly condemned amoral behavior?”

    “If comrade Lenin condemned, I shall not love them any longer.”

    “Comrade Ivanov, will you be ready to sacrifice your life for the Party?”

    “Of course. Who needs such a life?”

    And another..

    “A Polish tourist comes back home after visiting the USSR. He carries two very large and heavy suitcases. On his wrist is a new Soviet-made watch. He tells the customs man: “This is a new Soviet watch. It’s a wonder unknown in the capitalist countries. You see, it shows time, the rate of your pulse beats, the phases of the Moon, the weather in Warsaw, Moscow, and New York, and more and more!”

    “Yes, it’s a wonder,” the customs man agrees. “And what is it you have in these big suitcases?”

    “Oh, it’s just the batteries for that watch.”


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