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Hi all – been very  busy today so blogging slower than normal; Let’s make up some speed, shall we?

Did you see that around ONE THIRD of  schools in England and Wales have been disrupted by the first national teachers’ strike in 21 years? The walkout by thousands of teachers has closed or partially closed up to 8,000 schools, forcing working parents to stay at home or find childcare. The Marxist National Union of Teachers (NUT) is staging more than 50 rallies, as members demand a 4.1% pay rise rather than the 2.45% on offer. Gordon Brown has described the strike as "unfortunate and regrettable".

It’s a bit more than that. This is the militant action of a hard left Trade Union in pursuance of financial remuneration for it’s already over-rewarded members and to hell with the kids. Personally I would favour sacking all these greedy teachers whose enthusiasm for going on strike is only excelled by their lack of concern for those children forced to sit at home today. The NUT need cracked!

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  1. The union official, and teacher, who, when asked if he had any concern for those students who were shortly to take some important exams, having their tutition interrupted by the strike, replied; "When the students pay union subs, – then I’ll worry about what they might think!".

    Even for a socialist it seemed rather a harsh remark, but after the past ten years of ‘trough politics’ I suppose it should be expected…

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