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As a man who knows nothing about tennis, and cares even less, I assure you that I managed to live through the barrage of angst surrounding the triumph of Andy Murray when winning through at Wimbledon last weekend. One thing which did manage to break through the barriers I erected around my knowledge were the repeated images of a greying woman with lips like razor blade edges who was featured as ‘Andy’s Mum’, with further expansion on how she had encouraged his ambitions, pushed his training and, as a tennis player herself, coached him relentlessly in order that he could shine, and she could, presumably, bask in reflected glory.

So it is with some awe that I read of the quiet, self-effacing man who actually helped this young Scotsman grow up in a semblance of family life. the man being of course Will Murray, the man who picked up the pieces of a shattered marriage, took on both jobs of not only being the breadwinner but also the full-time father to two young lads. Good times for Will, and for both of his sons.

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