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It is said that Edinburgh is “the Athens of the North” and clearly the SNP government intend to turn the rest of Scotland into Greece;

Scotland’s finance minister yesterday pledged to introduce higher salaries for public servants and extra funds for schools, housing and the ‘green economy’. The £180million spending boost was laid out in a draft budget by John Swinney, who claimed Scotland had been given a ‘particularly challenging’ financial settlement by Westminster. The Scottish finance secretary said his government is maintaining the free prescription and no tuition fees policies for those north of the border. Mr Swinney, a Scottish National Party politician, said the two-year pay freeze for public sector workers on more than £21,000 would be lifted with ‘a modest 1 per cent increase’ for those earning up to £80,000.

Now, you may ask, how is all this fiscal  largesse possible? I mean Scotland is as exposed to the chill wind of global recession as the rest of the world so you might wonder where all the CASH comes from to enable this “boost”. The answer is simple – ENGLAND.  Under the Barnett formula, Scotland creams off a disproportionate amount of cash from the UK Exchequer. Scottish Nationalism is all about spending English taxes. And they want to become Independent! Oh and as for “Scottish Oil”..well, that is as credible an international entity as the Loch Ness Monster.

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