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The year was 1944, and it was well-over 100F that summer in Palm Springs, California. In an effort to cool off, Mel Torme sat down at the piano and penned “The Christmas Song” with Bob Wells.  Here is Mel Torme singing “The Christmas Song” with Judy Garland.




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10 thoughts on “Seasons Greetings from Palm Springs, California

  1. How about we do a remake with Patty and Noel as Mel and Judy and the rest of us ATW gang singing in the background with cheesy grins and wearing naff sweaters. It would go down a storm on Youtube

  2. Glad you liked it! I just love Mel Torme. Wearing the cheesiest grin possible, performing the pants off the song, he lands each note..just so. So carefully. I just love that.

  3. Bah humbug. No "Xmas" music for me before December 23.

    I was in my favorite Au Bon Pain store this morning for a cup of coffee, of such excellence that mahons the philistine cannot ever understand how good it is.

    They were playing that Jingle Bell jing jing jingling sleighride together bullshit and I asked the poor girl at the register if she looked forward to listening to it all month. " Its just torture" she said.

  4. Phantom: Well…you are in a humbug mood, aren’t you! I suppose you won’t be sending out any cards this year?

    Think how I feel…for a whole month I listen to songs about snow and winter wonderlands while living in a desert landscape under drought conditions and possible water rationing!

    For Christmas, east coast relatives used to give us kids beautiful winter sweaters, and we would have to wear them all day, and pose for photos in the bright, hot swealtering sun. 🙂

  5. The endless Christmas songs destroy the holiday.

    I actually took the time to complain to this shop on line and will let you know if they respond.

  6. Au Bon Pain? Perish the thought. But I will call every one in downtown Manhattan and insist they turn up their music!

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