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This corner, we have a true Lady, a person who dedicated herself to the service of her Country and her Commonwealth, something she truly believes in. She has been the Constitutional Monarch of the British Isles for longer than most of her subjects have been alive, and I remember her voice as she took the Oath. Over the past sixty years, through and over the sewage created by politicians, she has given us the one thing craved by ordinary people, which is stability and continuity. True, she is not perfect, but who amongst us can claim that pinnacle; but as a Monarch, a leader and a barrier aginst the schemes of politicians who are ‘out for what they can get’, she has been fairly successful, only failing to avoid the ever-enveloping clutches of the European Union, so beloved of most of the politicians who lied through their teeth when taking their own Oaths of Allegiance.


And in this corner, we have a thief, a liar, a serial adulterer and philanderer; masquerading of course as a politician; when everyone knows that he ‘Worked For Cunard’: yes, of course, it’s John Prescott.


So who gets our vote? Her Majesty; or a clown who can’t even own up to his own beliefs and comments?

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