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How it was in May 2010 –

The war on the motorist is over, the Transport Secretary said yesterday on his first day in the job.

Philip Hammond promised to end the way the country’s 33m drivers have been targeted by an array of speed cameras and cowboy clampers.

Today –
New generation of speed cameras sees the number of fines reach the highest level since the Coalition came into power
Well done Tory drones. You fell for it all yet again. Remember there’s still time to book a holiday to coincide with the general election. Give it a try, all of you. The state is completely bust of course, and is always desperate to grab as much of our wealth as possible. This is the driver behind all state schemes and no political promises can ever cut through it. Whatever they say about reducing spending or making government more efficient is always a lie and impossible to achieve.
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  1. At least he is consistent

    He also opposes

    Any Mandatory minimum safety features in vehicles- seatbelts, bumper heights, child restraints

    Any mandatory drunk driving laws

    Any licensing of drivers by governments

    Libertarianism may not make any sense, but the nonsense machine can be figured out by the non crazies

  2. Phantom

    Yes, and Pete supports the state ban on smoking pot, nanny knows best. So he is not a libertarian.

  3. Yes, let’s abandon all attempts to enforce speed limits.

    What have speed cameras got to do with enforcing speed limits? (Which are themselves arbitrary and nonsensical.)

    The cameras are simply devices for grabing our cash. This was obvious years ago. Many of the cameras are dangerous, sighted in places which cause drivers to stand on brakes and cause accidents, but that’s fine in the eyes of statists for whom the task of seperating people from their money is the most sacred of acts.

  4. And what has the nanny-state ban on pot got to do with civil liberties, unless it’s the fines to separate people from their money? But you are a statist on this subject, as we all know. Think about it Pete.

  5. Pete

    Why are speed limits nonsensical?

    Should there be no hard amd fast speed limits at all?

    If someone drives 110 mph thrrough a neighborhood street , you see nothing inherently wrong with this, nothing deserving of punishment by society?

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