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I am a regular listener to the Farming Programme, broadcast just before 6.00 a.m. weekdays, with a longer stint on a Saturday. It is presented and produced almost totally by women; and I make that observation with the clarifying comments that it is either possibly a task which is reserved for the fairer sex, or equally a task which is deemed to be ‘the pits’ as far as the BBC higher echelons agree, Either way, it is normally a well-presented, lucid and factual commentary upon the various sections of agriculture within Britain today.

You learn a lot by just listening to the usually well-informed reporters, as they bring their stories, comment and news about British farms and farmers to the radio waves, and hence, to our ears.You would have heard about the lunacies perpetrated on English farmers by the Labour Farm Ministers as they negotiated and set fast the Subsidy Regime. Read and absorb the information within this online review, as it details, in painful precision, how badly English farmers are treated by the Agency in question.

But I do not write in unqualified support of this small radio programme, mainly because there has been a sinister increase in pushing and praising schemes which are loved by the liberal-lefties at the BBC, along with buzz-phrases for those same schemes.There has been a long term effort to bring about acceptance of GM plants, seeds and the like; inclusive of interviews with two farmers, one organic, one not; wherein both used the exact words “As we now have to feed the Global world, GM would make things so much easier.” Now say I am cynical, but the only people who actually benefit from GM crops are the multi-nationals, such as Monsanto, who make those Frankenstein foods possible, and market them with such vigour. The Farming Programme producers and reporters also seem to have a love-affair with Climate Change, or Global Warbling, or whatever, and treat it as a fact, instead of an unproven, but very, very expensive theory supported by the Greenies, most politicians and very few truly independent scientists.

But there again, if you raise your concerns with this huge publicly-funded broacasting monolith; you are just ignored, so the question must be asked, ‘Why indeed bother?

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3 thoughts on “Seeding the Party Line

  1. Global warming, Climate disruption, Carbon offsets, Climate change or whatever the latest right up there term is being used by the Eco loons, is just a big stick the governments and their drones use to beat us all with.

  2. Be fair Mike, the programme also has a spokeswoman from the Soil Association who pooh-poohed what the other dumb-assed farmers were saying about GM crops.

  3. I quite like waking up to Farming Today on BBC Radio 4 (don’t worry Mike, I’ll supply the details). It’s a gentle intro to the day before brushing my teeth to Tweet of the Day.

    Being a radioholic, the diversity of radio in the UK really is a delight.

    They do drop in the usual global warming guff on FT, but that’s BBC DNA now. You watch, one day Jimmy Savile’s kiddie fiddling will be blamed on it.

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