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Interesting to note that one-third of Big Issue sellers are now Romanian: A job once reserved for Britain’s homeless has been swamped by Eastern European immigrants. And many of them have homes AND claim benefits. Visit any UK city and you can see this for yourself.

“There are a  range of nationalities selling The Big Issue – including Eastern Europeans from Hungary, Latvia and Lithuania – but Mr Bird said the Romanians presented a particular challenge. He said: ‘In the past Jews and  Indians were given the opportunity  to come here and work their way out of poverty – and they did. ‘But we can’t even get Romanian groups in the UK to work with the Roma people. We ring them up and say, “Look, we’re working with a lot of Romanians now. Can you help?” ‘They tell us, “These people aren’t Romanians. They’re gipsies.” That’s the real problem – no one wants to know them.’

The great multicultural experiment continues to degrade.

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  1. Sorry, call me a callous, miserly, piece of shit. I don’t care.

    I never, ever would give so much as a penny to these low-life, disgusting gypo parasites.

    About the only thing I’d consider giving them is an M-26 fragmentation grenade, pin pulled wrapped in gift paper.

    Then I’d run like hell, cause getting hit with Romanian body parts could give you A.I.D.S.

  2. Which just goes to show that the entrepeneurial spirit continued to flicker,even amongst the despised and hated Roma Gypsy population of Roumania.
    All it needed was a chance to burst into flame…
    Thank you, Britain…. 😉

  3. Perhaps they are much more accustomed to living ‘ by their wits’, and therefore have very little competition when it comes to moving here!… I would bet that very few ever watch tv… 🙂

  4. Ha Ha Ernest!
    You mean they haven’t yet sampled the anaesthetising delights of Dead Enders or Consternation Street??
    But isn’t this how it works?
    Our government already full of its own self importance, signs us up to the biggest and most grandiose Ponzi scheme going; secure in the knowledge that by the time the Mugs find out they’ve been conned, those responsible will have had probably a decade of good living, bribes and kick backs, and will be busy having someone write their memoirs…

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