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We are a strange breed here in the UK.  What I mean to say is our politicians and those in high office are a strange breed.  In other countries politicians tend to show solidarity with the majority population in times of crises.  Here, ours bend over backwards to bring fraternity to communities from which the gravest threats to our country emanate.  Look at Alex ‘I hate the English but love the Muslims’ Salmond.  In the wake of the Islamic terror attack at Glasgow Airport he is meeting Scottish Muslim leaders to demonstrate just how oh-so-lovely we all find them, and how we all just positively salivate with glee at the fact they live in our country in such numbers and with such self-imposed separation.

This is a time when we should be saying to Muslims: ‘Look, you either integrate and show fealty to this country or you sod off somewhere else more accommodating to your never-ending stream of demands.’  We don’t have One Scotland, Mr Salmond; we don’t have One Britain.  We have an increasing ethno-fragmentation of society caused in small part by mass general immigration and in large part by a restless, ungrateful and poisonous Islamic rabble hell-bent on changing our way of life using the fig leaf of their ‘religion’ as a constant catalyst for that change.

Salmond pretends that diversity is consistent with a united identification with Scotland.  Hogwash.  It is no more consistent with Scotland than it would be consistent with anywhere else blessed with ruling classes anxious to show solidarity with minorities at the expense of the majority indigenous population.  It is all very well for Muslims at this, or any other, meeting to scream their law-abiding nature and peaceful intent.  The screams fool nobody.  Why?  Because the whole doctrine of Islam cocoons a form of theological, social and cultural apartheid, which at one level isolates and ghettoises areas they move into en masse, and at another level plants the acorns of ideological supremacy from which the oak trees of terrorism flourish.

Tolerance from the British people towards this minority becomes more strained with every new story of their ‘demands’ and ‘rights’ and with increased cultural separation from the rest of us.  Pretending everything is hunky-dory by displays of cameraderic obsequiousness at Bute House ain’t gonna fool anybody!

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