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Here’s a remarkable tale…

A businessman today slammed ‘work shy’ Britain after seven of his new recruits failed to turn up to their first day of work because it was raining. Carl Cooper, 26, was flabbergasted when his new employees, who had all been without jobs, failed to turn up for their first day as sales operatives. Mr Cooper, who runs Car Smart, a marketing firm for independent car dealers in Hersden, Kent, had rented extra office space to accommodate the new staff. But the entrepreneur was ‘filled with despair’ and left staring at empty desks when none of the employees even bothered to tell the company that they were not coming in.

Bad, right? But then this..

Shockingly, four of the seven candidates later admitted they had been put off going into work yesterday morning because of the torrential rain. Astonishingly, they then told him they would be better off staying on state benefits – and could not be bothered to spend £5 getting to work.

How MANY more thousands more are like these? They have become insulated from responsibility, from the work ethic, and this is because the Welfare toxin pulses through their bloodstream.

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8 thoughts on “SHAME ON THE RAIN…

  1. No wonder the east-Europeans are everywhere in the workforce. They still have the work ethic.

  2. You expect an English person to know how to travel through the rain?

    You oppressor.

  3. The Daily Mirror – that bastion of economic insight and journalistic integrity. It supported Brown as he bankrupted the UK, it supports the feckless as they sponge on welfare, and it provides intrepid researchers with wisdom.

  4. You need to start somewhere and doing well at a job like this can be a stepping stone to a better job.

    Or else, you can sit on your ass, pop open a beer can and see who’s on Jerry Springer today.

  5. You’re correct Phantom.

    We’ve got plenty of welfare parasites in the States, but unlike the UK and Ireland the benefits are not doled out forever. In Ireland there’s Social welfare, Children’s benefits, Housing allowance, single parent’s allowance and more. Most of the people collecting these generous benefits admit they don’t want to work. They’ve settled into a lifestyle of sleeping late in their local council house and hanging out in the pub. The government encourages it because of the Liberal mindset in the country. There’s practically riots in the streets when there’s any mention of cutting benefits. And the sad part is the population is so steeped in this culture that even those who do work, pay onerous taxes and are the targets of various levies and other charges will join in the clamour about Social welfare cuts in the name of “financial equality”.

    This is exactly what President Obama has in mind for America. HOPE & CHANGE is a one-way street. Take from the middle classes and hand it over, no questions asked, to the loafers.

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