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Earlier in July, I posted about the death of young Kane Small, about the manner and stupidity of his all too sudden death, caused by his parents who seem to possess a combined I.Q. in the low twenties. This six-year-old child died from head injuries received when he crashed into a tree when careering around a unmade track whilst riding upon a mini-motor-cycle. The reader will note I choose my words very carefully, when I state that he was "riding" this machine; and categorically did not accept that he was controlling the motor-cycle. He couldn’t be in control, he was, after all, only six years old!


So imagine my surprise to receive an e-mail from one Kelly Cooper, a person to whom I haven’t even been introduced, which upbraided me for daring to suggest that the parents were at fault in any way whatsoever! As Kelly succintly puts it: "u wouldnt have wrote somthin so pathetic his parents never encouraged him at all wot happened was a tragic accident so befor u slag someone else of….." and so on, and so forth, etc., etc.!


Fame at last!!! 


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