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Been quite busy with family matters, so haven’t had a great deal of time for blogging issues. Having said that, I did scan the newspapers yesterday, and one recurring story caught my eye. This was the tragic aftermath of the rape case concerning the footballer Ched Evans. I call it tragic because all the fury and venom is swirling around whether this amoral drunk should regain or retain his previous sporting, and incidentally, probably exceedingly well-paid; career as a professional football star. However, certain ‘fans’ and other sick supporters of this criminal have  been hounding the victim because she had the audacity to lay charges against this ‘totally innocent’ and therefore ‘worthy of their support’ sporting figure to the extent of identifying her name, showing her entering the foyer of the hotel where she was raped by virtue of a video illegally-obtained from the hotel CCTV; and plastering that video all over the self-serving and sick-making Evans website; which I do not link to for fear of giving the creep any more publicity.

Those same ‘supporters’ and ‘fans’, which word should be remembered is a shortened form of the word ‘fanatic’, by continuing to pursue this young woman, have forced her to live under a series of assumed names for over a year, has not been allowed to visit her father over that same year for fear of being recognised and pursued by these same fanatics. They have embarked upon a serious programme of smear, vilification, and trial by internet mob against a young woman whose only ‘crime’ was the fact that she was brave enough to report the attack, and equally brave to proceed to lay charges against a ‘sporting hero’.

Some time back, I wrote about another sporting ‘hero’, and his criminal activities in the field of intimidation of witnesses, as well as suborning perjury. His name was Ravel Morrison, and his prior activities centred around the intimidation of the victim of a robbery; that same robbery being carried out by close friends of the ‘sporting hero’. He was given a twelve month suspended sentence, the legal equivalent of loudly repeating the phrase ‘you naughty, naughty boy’; and the club vowed to stand by him and ‘work through the difficulties’. The only ones to suffer were the family of the victim, who had to move because of threats of violence from yet another section of footballing ‘fans’. That criminally-minded clown is now with West Ham, who must be rueing the second someone thought it would be a good idea to sign the (ahem) ‘troubled youngster’.

Surely, in this day of ample abilities to check, track and pursue online idiots who post menacing messages on Twitter and Facebook; some cash and time could be spent tracing and arresting these super-moronic sports ‘fans’, charging and giving them a fair trial: something which they obviously never thought of doling out to the terrified victim of one man’s drunken anger and libido?

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4 thoughts on “she got what she deserved; didn’t she?

  1. The supporters of Ched Evans who are hounding the victim are repulsive. I know some of them believe that he is innocent, and it’s legitimate to disagree with a court’s verdict but the hounding of the woman in question is cowardice.

  2. But threats of death and rape to Oldham directors and their families don’t deserve a mention?

    Surely, in this day of ample abilities to check, track and pursue online idiots who post menacing messages on Twitter and Facebook…

  3. alf

    The threats to the Oldham directors and their families was widely reported in the media last week. All such threats in both directions are shamefull and disgusting but I think it would be better for Ched Evans to quietly wait until his appeal is completed before trying to resume a frontline football career.

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