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You have to smile at the sheer cynicism of it all. Hillary Clinton announces her presidential run by declaring “Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times,” she said, “but the deck is still stacked in favour of those at the top” She is going to provide “economic security” for middle and lower America!

So, to paraphrase, we have a millionairess who has been part of the administration that has seen US debt almost DOUBLE over what it was under Bush and which has allowed a tsunami of cheap labour to flood into the States so suppressing wages for millions of Americans, now making her solemn pledge that if you vote for her (She’s a woman, btw) then all will be well and nothing can go wrong. Got that?

It’s time America forgot the endemic corruption (and maybe worse) that has distinguished the Clintons for decades, keep remembering she is a woman and vote Hillary 2016. You know it makes sense. Vote woman.

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8 thoughts on “SHE’S A WOMAN…

  1. One of the reasons why debt doubled was because the US and world economy was in collapse as 2008 turned into 2009, and desperate measures were taken to avoid a US and world depression. Maybe some of that debt could have been put to better use, but as a whole, it helped the US ( and more importantly in the more vulnerable developing world ) to survive.

    So long as you guys keep forgetting the context of those events, I will keep remembering.

    And also,

    The automakers were bailed out by GW Bush

    [ Biden said that Obama bailed out the automakers but ]

    The only problem with Biden’s history lesson is that the “man with steel in his spine” he referred to should have been George W. Bush, not Barack Obama. Lest we forget, it was Bush rather than Obama who initiated the government rescue of the auto companies.

    On December 19, 2008, a week after Republicans in the Senate had killed a bailout bill proposed by Democrats, saying it didn’t impose big enough wage cuts on the U.A.W., Bush unilaterally agreed to lend $17.4 billion of taxpayers’ money to General Motors and Chrysler, of which $13.4 billion was to be extended immediately. He had to twist the law to get the money. Deprived of congressional funding, he diverted cash from the loathed TARP program, which Congress had already passed, but which was supposed to be restricted to rescuing the banks. “I didn’t want there to twenty-one-per-cent unemployment,” he said to a meeting of the National Automobile Dealers Association in Las Vegas last month, explaining why he acted as he did. “I didn’t want history to look back and say, ‘Bush could have done something but chose not to do it.’

    And the stimulus started under GW Bush…and would have continued under McCain… but all the problems are due to the Black Dictator who decided to ruin an economy that was running great in 2008. Yeah, sure.

  2. If Clilery Hinton gets in there won’t be a square inch of this planet that will be able to avoid her screeching voice, wagging finger, or warmongering rhetoric.
    She’ll be the female version of General Buck Turgidson.

  3. The US economy sounds like it is lumbering back to life, this could be the perfect shit storm of good news that sees another democrat elected potus.

  4. Excellent demolition job on Hillary by David Stockman here:

    “Here’s the thing. Hillary Clinton’s sell-out to the Warfare State is not just about war and peace—-even as it fosters the former and precludes the latter. It’s also about the nation’s busted fiscal accounts, its languishing main street economy and the runaway gambling den that has taken over Wall Street.

    The one thing that I learned during my time on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue is that the defense budget, and the military-industrial complex which perpetuates it, is the mother’s milk of fiscal irresponsibility. One of Hillary’s predecessors, Alfonse D’Amato, who was known as “Senator Pothole”, symbolized it succinctly. There was not a weapons system made in Georgia, Texas, California or Washington that he wouldn’t support if he could trade his vote for another pothole appropriation for New York.”

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