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I know it’s Friday, but I just cannot place this music, and I’ve been searching my memory and T’Internet for a head-scratching hour or so. I think it’s Mozart, but as I said, I just dunno’

Any ideas?
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5 thoughts on “showing signs of wear..

  1. It sounds Russian; the orchestration sounds like Tchaikovsky from one of his operas ‘Pique Dame’, perhaps. Sorry I cannot be more precise.

  2. Mike,

    If you dig Donizetti you really oughta should maybe check out the aria ‘Una lagrima furtiva’ from ‘L’Elisor d’Amore’ not to mention the mad song from Lucia di Lammermoor…

  3. The sextet from ‘Lammermoor’ is one of the finest things in music; especially when Joan Sutherland is giving it welly!

    There are other things in life besides politics.

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