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“If you want peace, prepare for war”

In these frenetic days, when news runs and broadcasts on a 24-hour basis, where updates are available, from of course the viewpoint of the broadcaster concerned, as fast as you can change channels, it is sometimes difficult to remember what, exactly, were last week’s headlines, and how did the stories turn out. We are deluged, over the past fortnight, with reports of how Ed Milliband FORGOT to mention the economy, the huge deficit between actual income and expenditure, as well as Labour’s plans to keep the deficit growing. Following from Labour, we heard how the Tory conference was shanghaied by the defection of yet another MP to UKIP, as well as the strange and twisted story of a Minister who sent explicit photos of himself to a complete stranger. We are told, again and again, that our only hope for an EU in-or-out referendum is to vote for the Tories, but strangely enough, we are not told what comprises the famous ‘package of demands’ which Cameron will present to a grumbling EU as his price for us staying in!

But amidst all the chatter, and the penis images, along with all the other fluff, lies and concealed bribes so prevalent in the political parties jamboree sessions, not much notice is taken of the headlines of less than three weeks previously; headlines which presage a conflict far deadlier and more relevant to us here in the United Kingdom than in some Arabic religious conflict in lands where we, literally, have no real reason to be. We should be reading of the shells raining down on tanks and armoured vehicles in places where a cease-fire is supposed to rule, we should be reading of hidden troop movements, of manoeuvres designed to bring pressure to bear by a ruthless Russia against a poorly-equipped and badly-defended Ukraine.

The commentators write of the real result of the break-up of UK Armed Forces, and where we had thirty squadrons in 1991, today we only have seven, and two of those squadrons were only rescued from dismemberment because they came in pretty handy when we bombed Libya. We should be sending jets and supporting NATO in Lithuania, and in Poland, but instead we are frittering away fuel and time flying over the Islamic State barbarians, without even dropping any bombs, because the intelligence isn’t what it used to be either!

The Ukraine is being dismantled piecemeal, with a weak Government grasping at the straws of ‘compromise’ offered by a cynical Putin, backed up by a competent military and a ruthless KGB, and we here in the West do literally f**k-all about it.

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20 thoughts on “Si vis pacem, para bellum

  1. the condition of both our nations military’s is deplorable. While Obama has bombed and attacked in 7 different countries he has castrated the military. Reducing personnel and equipment to pre-wwi levels.

    They have stopped the manufacture of cruise missiles with no replacement weapon, while at the same time firing 150 in one day last week. The shrinking of the military has been happening, but what has taken place over the past 6 years is dangerous.

  2. … and two of those squadrons were only rescued from dismemberment because they came in pretty handy when we bombed Libya.

    It’s a shame they weren’t dismembered then, given the disaster NATO made of Libya.

    Reducing personnel and equipment to pre-wwi levels.

    Obvious bullshit. The US Army numbered 100,000 in 1915 and it had no tanks, there was no air force and not much of a navy.

    Can we at least try to stay within a million miles of the truth?

  3. Some reductions in the military would have happened under any administration.

    Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know.

  4. Pull the numbers neither of you have any clue to what cuts are in the process of being implemented.

    Pete has no clue, because he never does. Phantom however is just to lazy to do the research on how frastic the cuts have been over the past 6 years. (it’s just because he’s black) That’s your position Phantom anyone who talks against the damage done by this President is because they are racist, partisan or both.

    Like Pete on so many subjects you live in your own false reality

  5. there are a ton of cuts I would support. There are programs that we don’t need to expand or develop.

    However the cuts in ships, planes, missiles and mid-level managers TSGTs-Majrs is decimating the ability to get the job done.

    Take two items off the top of my head they have cut both the A-10 Warthog with no replacement platform and all Tomahawks with no replacement platform.

    The Tomahawk is our Primary platform for target elimination, the A-10 is our Primary troop and Tank support Platform. Both have ended both have not been replaced.

    If I get the time this week I will do a post on the cuts. You however need to be honest and admit that you haven’t been following what cuts have taken place.

  6. Troll –

    In the first comment you said Obama had reduced the US military to pre-WW1 levels.

    I’ve shown above that the US Army was 100,000 strong in 1915. Today it numbers 546,000

    You’re full of crap.

  7. Pete
    You’re clueless, to explain to you why you are wrong is not worth the effort. Discussing anything with you is not worth the effort.

  8. Pete

    Maybe Troll means the ratio of military members as a proportion of the population or expenditure as a percentage of GDP it could be the case that the pre-WW1 comparison is accurate.

  9. I reserve my discussions to those who may not like me yet still have a grasp of reality. That is something that you lack.

  10. It makes no sense to compare the military of pre WW1 to that of today.

    That was still a world of horses, when tanks and planes were brand new and few in number. No drones, no jets, no long range missiles, no big submarines.

    There is almost no basis of meaningful comparison. Its silly to try.

    Even comparing now with WW2 force and equipment levels has little meaning.

  11. No comparisons can be made.

    The equipment has changed but ability to project and respond to power has not. We are exposed and are getting more exposed everyday.

    We are in a war and they’re cutting things that are basic that we need.

  12. We can project power better than anyone, at this time. That fact is quickly changing.

    I have to pick my daughters up at dance, but there will be a post this week on the military cuts.

    Phantom there are always projects that can be cut. The cuts that are going on now are not being done to improve economical projections. They are wholesale removal of abilities while we are engaged in war.

  13. Well all I ask is that you all debate your differing views on this matter without getting too angry or abusive with each other. You can have a good and informative discussion about this topic.

  14. This blog was set up by David to provide a forum for reasoned debate on many matters.

    Can we please bring the personal insults to zero, otherwise comments on many areas will simply, as far as my posts go, be simply switched off.

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