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I am often accused of making disparaging remarks about Black-ruled African countries. So what do those same commenters think about the multitude of reports, coming out of the Kenyan Westgate Mall siege, of rampant theft, looting and robbery on a scale unprecedented in the time when ‘militants’ or terrorists to give them proper title, took over the mall and killed all those people.

The reports do not implicate the terrorists, who were just out to kill and terrorise in the name of a Muslim god; but instead the Kenyan Army, who were the only group allowed inside the perimeter. The reason why the siege took four days to break down wasn’t that the terrorists resisted so fiercely; not at all, it took that amount of time, along with explosives, to break open all the cash registers and safes, and to remove the high value jewellery, clothing and electronics which was stored on the premises.

Hundreds of empty bottles of booze piled up on the counters, whilst inside the mall this week, the evidence of widespread theft was all around. Parking machines and cash registers were pried open and emptied. A huge, mounted flat-screen television had been lifted off the wall. Doors were wrenched open, and in several stores that showed no obvious signs of having been caught up in the fighting, display cases were ransacked.

Black rule? Black independence? Don’t make me laugh!

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26 thoughts on “Siege; or Shopping Spree?

  1. Accused of it? You do, why not admit to it. It is part of your closing lines after all.

    Any looting should be punished.

  2. “Black rule? Black independence? Don’t make me laugh!”

    Err, that’s a bit racist mate. So a load of people stole. They just happen to be black because, well, they live in a country where the majority of the population happens to be black. That’s all.

    Its like saying all racists are white. They are not. To say such things, in my view, is in itself racist.

    Frankly I do not care? As this is not my country, I am not going to foot the bill.

    Africans’, black, brown and white have their independence – well of sorts. That’s good, as we are now longer responsible for what they do, especially too each other. With Independence, comes responsibility.

  3. I’m quite happy with black countries having their own governments. The main problem is that the borders were drawn up by white-owned (yes – jews are white) mining corporations and banks and these borders were recipes for disaster by squeezing tribal rivalries into unnatural boundaries hence the massacres Rwanda, Zimbabwe etc.

  4. Fortunately the mall was heavily insured:


    It has since emerged that Sony Holding Limited, a real estate company led by Alex Tachenberg, insured Westgate Shopping Mall through UK’s Lloyd’s market for about Sh6.6 billion.

    The insurance deal included a cover against political violence where acts of terrorism fall. Mr Tachenberg declined to comment on the matter.

  5. Every major mall is heavily insured.

    No one makes an investment like that without protection.

    Poor little Allan.

  6. Phantom – absolutely because, with terrorism everywhere, it’s best to get insurance to cover against such attacks.

  7. Very timely insurance on an act of terrorism should be known as a Silversteinian coincidence – or should that be cohen-cidence?

  8. I can only imagine how you speak in private to those who think entirely as you do.

    It is very common for terrorism to be insured. I’ve addressed this issue personally, for all my clients, for over ten years.

    All major real estate, retail and other clients have it in my world. There is no conspiracy.

  9. There is little point in responding to Mike’s posts. He doesn’t debate. He is best ignored.

  10. Colm, I’m beginning to think your ATW’s last hope. I’m serious. Things are becoming insane here. If you don’t turn up more often, it’s down the drain with the whole shebang,

    God be with the days when mostly jokes were traded on Friday nights.

  11. It’s true. I have some down time and came here to play but it’s not fun anymore… 🙂
    Come on guys…make me laugh…I’m drinking tea and I want an excuse to blow it out my nostrils.

  12. mairin

    I could suggest a filthy way of blowing tea out of your nostrils, but I am too shy to mention it 😉

  13. If terrorist’s are merely milly tants then looting soldiers just have to be just souvenir hunters. And Ronnie Biggs was in the Great Train Spotting outing. Wonder what Pres O’blamer makes of it all. Maybe its BRITISH petroleums fault…

  14. Pete…that did make me laugh but “Janice” shouldn’t be left in charge of wee Willy anymore! Glad the kid is okay. Janice seems high; maybe she had a flashback—she’s so oblivious to wee Willy’s danger.
    Once I was standing under one of those high-flying rides at an amusement part when it starting ‘raining’ tiny red paper-like flakes. For a moment, I thought someone threw confetti out when they got to the apex but suddenly the red flakes turned to chunky, slimey white blobs and I realized someone was puking the remnants of candied apples all over me.

  15. mairin

    “I realized someone was puking the remnants of candied apples all over me…

    That’ll teach you not to make your boyfriend eat the things you like 🙂

  16. //I realized someone was puking the remnants of candied apples all over me.//

    Similar thing happened on my first voyage on the Roslare-Le Harve ferry (22 hours of choppy seas). Shortly after leaving Wexford, things got a bit rough, and soon I was leaning over the railing and considerably contributing to marine polution in St George’s Channel. There were three decks, each a bit narrower and higher than the other. Always considerate, I went to the lower deck to puke, well for obvious reasons. My undoing.

    Because soon the seas and stomachs really began to heave, and passengers were rushing out of restaurants on all decks and dashing to the railings, including the two right above me. Bringing up a few interesting pints, as we say. The wind was blowing in an unfortunate direction and soon I was drenched with the stuff.

    The seagulls followed the ship practically all the way to France.

    Colm, I’m sure Mairin’s boyfriend already has enough sweet things to eat.

  17. “Colm, I’m sure Mairin’s boyfriend already has enough sweet things to eat.”

    You’ll have to explain that to me Noel, you know how innocent I am 😉

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