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Your humble correspondent went for a stroll this last weekend, a bit of a leg stretcher before some hiking oop north in a couple of weeks. Fifteen miles along the South Downs Way did the trick before doing what I haven’t done for a few years, that’s pitch a tent for some wild camping, this time almost overlooking the English Channel

This is the area, below. No, they are not not the White Cliffs of Dover but the Seven Sisters. Still, it’s the same forbidding aspect when the Frogs look north. That’s Beachy Head in the distance centre left, the famous high point of chalk downs which were undersea 60 million years ago.

It wasn’t all fun and games, however, there was boozing too on Saturday night. When a conservative and history freak like me read that The George Inn, in the nearby medieval village of Alfriston, was licenced in 1397 and is still going strong, well … you have to pop a few quid into the local economy eh?

Creature comforts, who needs’em? It’s more fun outside.

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8 thoughts on “SINGLE TRACK LIFE

  1. Sounds like my kinda weekend. I’ve done wild camping a couple of times, it’s a great feeling.

    The English countryside is stunning.

  2. Sounds really great. Imagine waking up, alone, to that landscape. I really envy you. Alas, the call of parental responsibility for two young children…

    Hope the "Frogs" are at least somewhat uplifted by that edifying sight today.

  3. Waking up, packing up and strolling down to sit on the cliff edge to have my breakfast, looking at the sailing boats far below with the sea breeze coming in – it’s fair to say I’ve had worse mornings.

    Noel Cunningham –

    Why should two young children keep you? They’d love a camping trip!

  4. My God, that’s gorgeous country.

    Thinking I was a neat bag of tricks for my five mile hill stroll in the hellacious Texas heat this morning, I’m sincerely humbled by your fifteen mile hike. I would have sat down and quit on you, Pete. I expect you’ll have a glorious time camping.

    Noel, I felt like eating my young today.

  5. i live about 15 miles from the downs, great place, killer to walk along but worth the pain. Took the bike once ended up pushing it most of the way. I was there on sunday walking around Alfriston forest so might have seen you

  6. Steve –

    There were a few people with bikes, invariably pushing on the up and trying not to career madly on the other side of a down. I ended up knackered and I was going at an easy pace. Well worth it though, a beautiful area.

  7. Stunning pictures Pete.

    Good luck to England today. I am cheering for them- just to piss off these giggling fools.

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