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Have a look at this pair.


The guy at the top, Charles Kennedy, is the former leader of the LibDems.

The guy at the bottom is Douglas Alexander, a key aide to Ed Miliband and Labour strategist.

If this polling data is to be believed then there will be booted OUT of office next month.



Kennedy is the outgoing MP for Ross, Skye and Lochaber whilst Alexander is the outgoing MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South. I am sure they will both be elevated to the Lords but the SNP insurgency is a wonder to behold and the consequences severe for some well know faces!

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  1. Clegg is in trouble too in his constituency. What a hoot it’d be to see that puffed up bag of uselessness turfed out.

    Back to the SNP …

    It’s a real possibility that a minority Labour government will be propped up by the Scotch commies. This is clearly a nightmare in the short term. They’ll screw every last penny from English tax-victims, and allow Miliband a nice new stapler in return.

    In the long run it might not be a bad thing. I’ve come to realise that the Porridge Wogs want their Dundee cake and to eat it.

    They want more and more English money, even though it already floods north in vast quantities. They want to blame the English for everything. They want to vote to stay in the UK but then vote for the Scotch commies at a general election, so to screw even more money out of us.

    Nope, that’s not a good deal. If’s that’s what they want they can go and be a cold Venezuela, all by themselves. With luck, they’ll demand so much from the next Labour Terror that we’ll vote to be rid of them.

  2. They want more and more English money

    Of course they do, the Scots were bought and sold for English gold, that will never change.

  3. If Miliband becomes PM it will be because Labour wins more seats than the Tories, despite being wiped out in Scotland. If the Tories win the most seats it’s obvious that a Clegg-led Lib Dem party will do its utmost to renew the coalition.

    Miliband has made it totally clear that there will be no Labour-SNP coalition and that Trident renewal is not negotiable. In any case, how could any Labour leader possibly go into government with a party which has wiped it out in Scotland on the back of a campaign which has been described as brownshirt-lite?

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