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Such a wonderfully diverse spread of topics are today’s headlines. So much worth ranting about yet so little of substance. Let’s see you have the Brits about to barbeque the lovely Ms. Rebekah Brooks for some silly thing about phones. Oh and along that same line you have the AP and Der Spiegel saying Merkels phone has been tapped since 02 (Bush) it’s always his fault, even in the foreign press. This whole outrage by everyone cracks me up. Sorry folks there are no secrets. So I give to you all the Capt. Renault Award.

Then on the Enviro Wacko front there are two good stories. The first the Aussie PM: carbon tax is ‘socialism’ or that after receiving “two” complaints. (probably from some jealous housefraue) about the outrageous damage being caused to the environment by of all things a High School Cheer Leader fund raising CAR WASH! This is what officials said as they shut it down.

“We had a visit from the city of San Jose Environmental Services Department who said that the car washes at Hoover [Middle School] are in violation of water discharge laws, therefore we had to cancel this and all future car washes,” said an email that was sent out to neighborhood email lists on Oct. 18.

“Anything that is not storm water or rain water is considered a pollutant,” said Jennie Loft, acting communications manager for San Jose’s Environmental Services Department. “If it goes into a storm drain, that pollutant will harm wildlife and habitats in the creeks. Water goes directly from the storm drains into our creeks.”

oh tsk tsk

Ahh but my favorite is the second boot that Obama is trying to shove up our a**. In his mind the Healthcare debate is done, he won. Now it’s time to add to his collapse with Amnesty all around. The part about this I love, It’s seeing Rubio humbled by the base. He got stomped on by those who voted for him and has changed his tune. He’s got 3 years to make himself palatable to those rabid people who believe that we’ve been Taxed Enough Already and feel that breaking into a country doesn’t give you any damn rights to it’s benefits.

The internal throttling and utter dismay that the establishment Republicans are suffering does bring a smile to this weathered face of mine. They publicly and even worse privately attacked the TEA Party, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee for shutting down the government by actually having the Gaul to say that Obamacare was a disaster and about to blow up in our faces, delay it for everyone.  Only to see it blow up and now watching the Democrats pleading for exactly what Cruz et all wanted.  The Dems know they’re going to be crucified at the polls for this, but the old inside the beltway “Leadership” also see that because of their stance against their own, they too must now worry… even Mitch McConnell is facing a primary. Ah revenge is dish best served cold.

Enjoy your Sunday. I’m going to move some logs in the neighbors yard, and then sell some guns. Enjoy!

I leave you with this. It is a true example of how the world is today in all it’s little twists. I just have to play the whole scene.

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5 thoughts on “So many headlines, yet really such little news…

  1. breaking into a country doesn’t give you any damn rights to it’s benefits.

    Yeah, damn straight Pedro. You want that, get yourself a no bid contract and piss off to Iraq.

  2. “You want that, get yourself a no bid contract and piss off to Iraq.”

    keep current, man. Bush is so yesterday….

    You mean “piss off to Obama’s White House office for the design of the ObamaCare website”

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