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First the fluff:

Britain’s opposition Labour Party called on Prime Minister David Cameron to spend as much as 4 billion pounds ($6.5 billion) from the sale of the fourth- generation mobile-phone spectrum to fund housing.

That’s Ed Balls, still stinking up the place despite advising Gordon Brown to drive the British economy into ruins. Forget housing, that’s a rubbish idea. I want to know about this 4G government boot sale. I get the idea that it’s some next gen, mobile comms standards thing. The question really is, if the government is selling it, how did it come to own it? And if, in fact, it’s flogging/auctioning licences to use the spectrum, again – how did the state come to own it in the first place?

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  1. No one owns it and the government is not selling it. They are selling licenses to broadcast at certain frequencies.

  2. Regardless of where the money may come from, what is the point of building ever more houses?
    Does no-one realise that if you throttle back on immigration, you begin to ease the pressure on land, housing and infrastructure?
    By throttling back on immigration, more jobs will be available for British workers and as a consequence the Benefits bills will reduce.
    Even I can understand that.

  3. It’s another protection racket.

    Nope, simply the way civic society has chosen to organize broadcasts in the electromagnetic spectrum.

  4. Private mafia, Public Mafia, we all get fleeced by some mafia .

    As Allan might say.. “Oy vey” 🙂

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