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Statistics are always a good thing to start with, to read, to digest and to remember!

Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom (wonder who thought up that deeply cynical title?)

4474                       USA Armed forces deaths

179                         United Kingdom Armed Forces deaths

12.38 a.m. 18th December             Time of completion of final American armoured convoy withdrawal as it crossed over Kuwaiti border post.

100 hours later, a string of 14 deadly bombs, inclusive of back-up bombs, brought havoc to many areas of central and suburban Baghdad. Such is the ferocity of these explosive attacks that some murderous outfits claim responsibility, and it can never be proven that they lie for political gain. The Sunnis blame the Shia, the Salafi blame everyone, the Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister (currently in hiding in Kurdistan after being blamed for planning some death squad attacks himself) blames the Shia Prime Minister; and so the circle grows. The Iraqi Parliament (pardon my laughter) hasn’t sat together for more than about two days since its’ election, so apart are the various factions, and so full of a hate which has lasted some 1200 years of Islamic terror and war, because they all just ‘know and believe’ that they are right, and they will kill thousands to make that point!

In the background, the Iranian mullahs make their sermons, spread their hate, and warm their plans of death, destruction and the Caliphate. The Bush administration laid the plans for a stabilisation force of American military, complete with the necessary legal immunity, but the Obama bunch couldn’t or wouldn’t make those plans reality, so they called out ‘Hi-Ho for the border’, the convoys holding the only capable and trustworthy force in the whole of Iraq revved up in the early dawn, and Iraq is now days or months away from Saddam Hussein Mk.2., whether he be Shia, Sunni, atheist or believer.

And all those lives, American, British, Allied? Have they been squandered so that Tony Blair can get richer? Have we swapped one dictator for yet another? Does anyone really care?

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9 thoughts on “So whose ‘freedom’ is that, then?

  1. I think that a lot of people care. And that Iraq, unsatisfactory as it is, is a much better place than it was ten years ago, and that it is not the threat to the region and world thatbitcwas before.

  2. Could it be said that the US, “unsatisfactory as it is, is a much better place than it was ten years ago, and that it is not the threat to the region and world that it was before.”

    Ask the millions of Americans who are out of work, on food stamps, foreclosed and homeless.

    As for Iraq, I’m sure that those millions who lost relatives and friends following the wonder of “shock and awe” would disagree with Phantom.

  3. Allan,
    For once, without reservation – I agree with you.
    I hope 2012 will find you arguing for the preservation of the Union?!

  4. Phantom,
    I think you are being unduly optimistic in your assessment! No one likes to think all those American and British military personnel died in vain, but it is my opinion that the Western political systems -especially in the USA and the UK, have ignored/ alienated, and lied to the people.
    So secure do they feel in their political power that they could cynically send in their own young soldiers, on the pretext of freeing the people -whilst financially benefitting friends involved in armaments and specialised technologies…..

  5. These are people who may not want to br freed – and may not want to live with one another.

    I get tha.

    But Iraq was a threat to peace during his day and it is not one now.

    Let’s wait 20 years and see what happens.

  6. Agit – on the Union, I really don’t know where I stand any longer. If the SNP were to offer a Norway – own currency, national bank, outside EU – I would be inclined to go for that. But I see total uselessness around me up here and Scots are no longer capable of, or even inclined towards, looking after themselves. Unfortunately, England is being eviscerated by a treasonous political class and there is currently no good way forward.

    On Iran (moving on from Iraq) and the corporate military’s intentions towards that country, there is little doubt that an attack will come soon. The question is when (I am about to lose a wager with Noel that it would be 2011) and what the pretext will be as I reckon another false-flag atrocity will be needed so as to herd the sheeple in the right direction:


    – National Security Correspondent David Martin: “If Iran doesn’t blink Israel will strike… Go after its nuclear facilities, if Iran doesn’t blink… [The U.S. will] have no choice but to support Israel. And depending on what the evidence is at that time they might even want to take part in that raid, it depends on what kind of intelligence they have about that decision that Iran has to make about whether to really build a bomb and go beyond putting all the pieces in place, which is what it’s doing now.” –

    The war which will be launched on Iran will be termed a ‘necessary pre-emptive war’. Phantom, Troll and any others favoured to such action: would that description fit for you?

  7. It looks as though the military-judicial Establishment has now decided that Iran was responsible for 9/11:


    – On Sunday, Iran rejected a ruling by Judge George Daniels in Manhattan that it is responsible along with al-Qaeda and the Taliban for the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington.

    In December 23, the federal court ruled ruled that Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah materially and directly supported al-Qaeda in the September 11, 2001, attacks and are legally responsible for damages to hundreds of family members of victims who are plaintiffs in the case. –

    So let’s see: Iraq did it, and the Taliban too along with OBL and al-qaeda. Now Iran did it! If ever there were a war being planned and pretexts being sought in broad daylight, this is it.

  8. You use ” Infowars “, a lunatic Truther/ Ron Paul / Militia Loving site by Alex Jones as a source for anything?

  9. A quick google of Allen’s story discovers that a New York judge issued a default judgement against Iran, as that is what is given in cases where one side of the dispute does not attend court.

    While it’s uite silly in this context- as there is no reason Iran should defend itself against a nuisance lawsuit- it is clearly not laying the groundwork for an invasion of Iran.

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