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Price Charles’ long-time business interests have always been bundled together under the ‘Duchy of Cornwall’ label, and most successful many of those interests have been. The Prince has also been at the edge of the shelf when it comes to ‘Green’ and ‘environmental’ projects, some of which have garnered criticism, and some not.

But I wonder why the Duchy has steadfastly resisted a Freedom of Information request over the environmental studies supposed to have been carried out before he had his ‘Oyster Farm’ stocked with Pacific oysters, as opposed to the local varieties. As many others have asked before me; if he has nothing to hide, why object?

Is he worried that the Pacific variety might escape, or a ‘super-oyster’ emerge and take over the planet, or is it just that he never had the environmental assessment carried out; or even that he had the assessment, but ignored its findings?

I think we should all be told!

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One thought on “So why object?

  1. He always has been a massive hypocrite.

    Berates us plebs for using cars yet has his chauffeur drive 1500 miles to his destination (and 1500 back) so that his car is present when his private jet lands.
    Runs an old 60’s Aston at EIGHT miles per gallon. Whilst berating us plebs in our Euro weenie microboxes that get easily 40 plus mpg.

    Plus he slept with the future duchess of Horseface (on the Royal Train) before during and after his Diana time. The night before his wedding in fact.
    Massive hypocrite…and not very bright either.

    Prince? I didn’t vote for him and a watery bint handing out swords is no basis for a democratic state. h/t Monty Python. I detest the man.

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