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The capital has been massively culturally enriched this afternoon.

A young white man – reportedly a soldier from the nearby Woolwich Barracks – was ran over by two black cultural enrichers, who then chopped him up with machetes and reportedly beheaded him. The police apparently arrived 20 minutes later and shot the two blacks, who we must be welcoming to.

Sky News has just reported the government is treating it as a terror attack.

LBC has eye-witness audio. It’s graphic stuff.

Modern Britain. What a craphole.

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  1. BBC’s Nick Robinson: “Senior Whitehall sources have told the BBC the Woolwich attackers are thought to have tried to film their attack whilst shouting “Allahu Akbar” – God is Great. The men were said to have been of Muslim appearance.”

  2. BBC’s Nick Robinson: “This is being treated as a serious terrorist attack by Islamist extremists on the streets of Britain.”

    Well there’s a fucking solution to that.

  3. Good grief, can you just imagine the ‘outrage’ from the BBC and the rest of the wooly heads if it was a black man who had been butchered .. not only would it have been cold blooded murder, it would have been a racist cold blooded murder.

    ‘beheading’ .. it must be a cultural thing

  4. The enrichers looked out of their minds according to witnesses. Sounds like Somalis on khat.

  5. This is not a one off. It was forseeable. There will be other incidents like it.

    Perhaps the British establishment can pull an Obama and call it an act of ” workplace violence ” as they did in the case of Major Hasan.

  6. It’s okay, no need for any concern, the people who encouraged all this shit to happen on the streets of Britain in the name of ‘Diversity’ are having a ‘meeting’ about it as we speak [COBRA]

    That ever fading light at end of that tunnel might as well be switched off

    Oh and according to the BBC .. this incident is ‘Quite serious’

  7. Clearly the “soldier” was an actor who didn’t really die and the two attackers scapegoats to permit a tighter police state to descend upon the unsuspecting people of the UK.

  8. EDL’s membership has just increased 10 fold.

    And the Lefts ‘Multi-cultured’ utopia has taken yet another severe knock

  9. This was probably a “workplace dispute” such as sometimes occurs in the US..

    There can’t have been any religious/ racial element to it as the men were clearly and proudly followers of the religion of peace…

    They were either provoked or were arguing the pros and cons of gay marriage and things just got out of hand.

    Unbelievable demonstration of the joys of multiculturalism.

  10. Any chance that the Left will stop rubbing our noses in diversity now?

    You won, we’re now culturally enriched.

  11. Pete Moore, on May 22nd, 2013 at 6:36 PM Said:
    Any chance that the Left will stop rubbing our noses in diversity now?

    Yep, just how much blood do the left want dripping off their grubby hands

  12. Horrific racist attack.

    I hope that the sentencing of the guilty reflects the cruelly brutal nature of the attack.

  13. As if someone couldn’t survive a beheading! It happens all the time. Where is the video that shows it? It is clearly a staged event!

  14. If they were foreigners why would they speak English? The are clearly reading from a script.

  15. I do believe that after the latest Islamic cold blooded butchery on the streets of Great Britain .. that blue touch paper has now been lit

  16. +++ This thread is closed. Please continue on David’s thread above. +++

  17. i’m reading theres been an arson attempt on a mosque…

    this is seriously looking to be having far reaching consequences.

  18. What kind of a district is Woolwich in terms of ethnic mix and social level, any Londoner tell us?

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